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God's Complete Masterpiece

God's Complete Masterpiece

The following is a guest post from speaker, minister and author, Glenn Sasscer, whose book, Not Who I Want to Be, releases this month. You can follow Glenn on Twitter: @GlennSasscer and read more of his writing at Review copies of Not Who I Want to Be are available to book bloggers.


Did you ever watch Bob Ross paint?

He would have a mountain scene and I would think, “Wow! He painted an amazing picture in like, what… two minutes?” Thinking it was complete, I was amazed when Bob would brush over it in his “Bob Ross” way, and an Evergreen Tree would sprout up in the foreground of the painting.

At that point, I would think it was complete, but then Bob would say, “Oh, this little tree looks lonely and needs a friend… let’s give the tree a friend.” A few brush strokes later and there is a tree buddy in the foreground.

God's Complete Masterpiece

(photo: Lars Hammer via Flickr)

I was positive the painting was complete at that time, though Bob grabbed some white paint while saying something about the trees sleeping during the winter, and then the branches of the tree was snow covered.

Would I dare to think the painting was complete then? Bob Ross hits it with some highlights and the trees suddenly “pop” out of the painting, giving the whole thing depth and perspective.

I refer to this concept in my latest book, “Not Who I Want To Be”, released this month by Leafwood Publishers. I use this Bob Ross illustration to look at God’s love in our relationship.

You see, Scripture paints a definition of God being complete and whole without us, where His love is complete and He is complete, and the bottom line is He is who He is separate and apart from us. Yet, Scripture also shows us where our interaction with Him adds depth to His love.

Take a look at I John 2:5: “But if anyone obeys his word, God’s love is truly made complete in him.”

Also, take a look at I John 4:12: “No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.”

Here we have two instances where in obedience and love, we are in someway making that which is already complete even more complete in some unseen and unknown way.

I like God to be a mystery, too large for me to understand, comprehend, or even define (I want a big God, not a little one), but I also like to be able to catch a glimpse of God and grapple with the whole concept of having a relationship or being His friend, His child, or a brother to Jesus…

This can be mind-boggling at times, but the Bob Ross concept helps me paint a picture I can better understand. God’s love is complete without me, but by being intentional in my relationship with Him, I somehow add depth to His love and make it even more complete.

I’m not sure how; I don’t really need to understand it, I just need to be intentional in my relationship with Him.

What about you? Are you complete? There is One who paints in a far more brilliant light than even Bob Ross. Do you know the ultimate Painter?


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