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About ACU Press & Leafwood PublishersPrior to September 2005, the press had previously published 76 titles over a 21-year period. An average of 4 books was published per year in the areas of Biblical Studies, Christian Theology, Church/Restoration History, Evangelism, Hermeneutics (preaching), and Biblical Commentaries. The books were primarily sold direct to churches of Christ (87 as of 2007 data), church of Christ affiliated bookstores, and as many as 17 select university bookstores.

Since 2005, ACU Press has published over 240 titles, with 39 more under contract still to come. Books are now being bought directly from ACU Press by 590 churches of various heritages. The books are being sold in over 6,000 bookstores worldwide including Wal-Mart, Sam’s, Books-a-Million, Barnes & Noble, Family Christian, Lifeway, and Mardel stores. Over 233 universities, colleges, and seminaries have bought titles direct from ACU Press to be used by faculty/staff and for course adoptions. ACU Press currently has published authors from over 50 colleges and universities including Duke University, Wheaton College, University of Notre Dame, University of Chicago, and Baylor University.

In 2009, a concerted effort to expand the reputation and influence of ACU Press was launched. In the past 5 years, not only did ACU Press add titles in the previous categories, but titles have been added in the genres of Christian Living, Women’s Issues, West Texas Regional Studies, Christian Higher Education, Spiritual Disciplines, and Leadership. In 2010, ACU Press became a full member of the Association of American Presses, making ACU the only college/university in the CCCU, and within the churches of Christ, to have a recognized academic university press. ACU Press titles have been endorsed by prominent figures such as Ken Starr, Eugene Peterson, Rick Warren, Jimmy Carter and Walter Brueggemann. Since 2009, ACU Press books and authors have been reviewed and interviewed over 400 times in journals, magazines, radio, and television with impressions in the tens of millions. Some of the journals and magazines include:


  • Journal of Education and Christian Belief
  • Journal of Research on Christian Education
  • Inside Higher Education
  • Religious Studies Review
  • The Christian Post
  • Christian Scholar’s Review
  • Christianity Today
  • Publisher's Weekly
  • Christian Chronicle
  • And many others.

Some of the radio networks include:

  • Moody Radio Network
  • American Family Radio
  • Air 1
  • Salem Communications
  • Family Life Radio
  • Martha Stewart Radio on XM

Some TV networks include:

  • Los Angeles CBS and Fox affiliates
  • Several other smaller market affiliates, like Raleigh, NC.
  • TBN interview with host Kirk Cameron
  • Smaller Christian networks

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