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Inquiring Minds . . . Know Where to Go

Below is a blog post written by Julie–Allyson Ieron, author of The God Interviews which releases next week. A giveaway is currently underway at Goodreads and, as always, you can request to review this book on your blog! For more about Julie and the book, visit

Questions just may be the one-word story of my life. Like most journalists, I’ve become the epitome of an inquiring mind—the one who never quite reaches Lt. Colombo’s point of having “just one more question, ma’am.” As I explain in my new book from Leafwood Publishers, The GOD Interviews, turning 40 made my questions scream all the louder: “Call it midlife crisis. Call it redirection. Call it a course correction that was a long time coming. All I know is that with an intensity I’d never before experienced … questions were just about bowling me over.”


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But some questions confound even a veteran inquirer. Last weekend, Mom and I were at a social gathering. The hostess hastily asked me to say a blessing over lunch, and it wasn’t long after I resumed my seat before the women began pelting me with questions. Questions about life and death. Faith and eternity. And why God, if He’s there at all, allows bad things to happen. I overheard Mom’s conversations moving along similar lines.

What followed was a grueling afternoon—and a spiritually eye-opening one. It wasn’t the questions that surprised us, but the odd assortment of spiritual-sounding (and tremendously mistaken) places women are looking for answers. We heard from these friends a sad array of misinformed opinions that they’ve developed on their own, courtesy of a deluded culture.

Let me cut to my main observation from those conversations: Today’s women are desperate for a one-stop place to go with questions where they’ll encounter the Truth. Quite possibly you fit that category yourself. Now, I don’t claim to hold the answers, but I do know the One Who always makes Himself available to enlighten us.

In The GOD Interviews, I used the setting of a fictional newsroom where Christ arrives on set in person to create the forum for everyday women to ask their gut-wrenching questions. Then, drawing on direct statements from God right out of the Bible, I created chapters that apply His answers to real life. If you promise to keep this just between us girls, I’ll give you a sneak-peak at the best answer I found: “He does speak to us today—because lovingly, uniquely He crafted each of us to fit the tapestry of His plan.”

I think you’ll find the characters who populate the newsroom engaging, and you’ll find in the nothing-but-the-truth handling of Bible promises a pattern for leading women to the Ultimate Answer. Even more, I hope you’ll discover that the God of the Universe has a passion to interact with you—One on one. His Son opened the door to invite you into the conversation. Now, it’s up to you.

Go ahead. Ask Him your questions. You’ll make His day.


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