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Did Women in the Bible Really Work Outside the Home?

Did Women in the Bible Really Work Outside the Home?

The following is a blog post from Susan DiMickele, mother, trial lawyer and author of Working Women of the Bible which releases next week. With wit and wisdom, Susan introduces modern women to the timeless mentors found in Scripture. You can follow Susan on Twitter (@SusanDiMickele) and her blog: Review copies of Working Women of the Bible are also available to book bloggers.


Did women in the Bible really work outside the home?  Did they have stressful jobs?  Did God use them in positions of power and leadership?

Yes. Yes. And Yes.

Like many women today, the women of the Bible were trying to do it all: providing for their families, caring for the elderly, exercising spiritual leadership. Trying to be strong. Trying to figure out whether God can still use our work, despite our mistakes. Even trying to be Superwoman. It all sounds too familiar.

Women in the Bible

(photo:  Tilemahos Efthimiadis via Flickr)

In many ways, things haven’t changed.

In Working Women of the Bible, I strive to connect – and to help you connect – with some truly amazing women.  You see, I am convinced that  working women of the Bible — women who lived thousands of years ago— really offer workable solutions to our complex, modern world.

As a follower of Christ, I do my best to follow Jesus. But let’s face it—we all need mentors to help guide us on our journeys. As a lawyer, wife, and working mother of three young children, I still have to put one foot in front of the other and live out the daily grind. Sure, I know I am under God’s complete and total grace, but sometimes I need some practical help. I need other women to look to—to pave the way on my journey.

God has a way of providing answers where I least expect it. As I studied the women of the Bible, I realized the mentors I have longed for are right under my nose. Who needs Hollywood and Oprah when we have women like Eve, Huldah, and Lydia? Too often, we forget that the women of the Bible worked. And they worked hard. They made mistakes, and they didn’t give in. In many ways, their stories are our stories.

You may be thinking, Great, but aren’t there hundreds of books about the women of the Bible?

Yes, but for centuries we’ve missed something.  Their work.  And in the 21st century where work is a central and necessary part of the lives of most women, we need to bridge the gap.  Otherwise, the Bible becomes a book that was written for that time and that place.  And most of us are wondering how it really relates to me.

How can we relate to women who lived thousands of years ago?  Working Women of the Bible tells the stories of 12 women – women who actually wrestled with some modern-day hot buttons.  For example, Ruth teaches us what it’s like to wait for a promotion.  Huldah demonstrates the power of being an expert in your field.  And Esther models determination by showing us how to finish the job.  These stories are powerful and timeless.  Yet often untold.

Will you help me share the legacies of these amazing women?


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