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Are You Following Your Favorite Author's Blog?

Are You Following Your Favorite Author's Blog?

It’s no secret that blogging has taken off within the past few years. If you’ve read Michael Hyatt’s recent book, Platform, you know how important a blog can be to getting your message out into the world. This is especially true for authors who use their blogs to share their insights, connect with readers and spread the word about their latest book.

 To blog or not to blog

Here at ACU Press and Leafwood Publishers, we have several authors who have launched their own blogs and post to them regularly. Some authors, like Mike Cope, have been creating content for their blogs for years while others, like Sara Barton, launched their blogs as recently as this past week. Blogs can be an excellent way for authors to share with their readers things that might not quite make it into their books and we encourage our readers to check out the blogs of their favorite authors, if they’re not doing so already.

Below is a list of some of our authors who regularly share their thoughts, hopes and dreams online in blog form.

Mike Cope (Megan’s Secrets, 2011) –

David Teems (Discovering Your Spiritual Center, 2011) –

Jessica Wolstenholm (The Pregnancy Companion, 2011) –

The Word Quilters (The Scrapbook Series) – Leslie WilsonTrish BergTerra HangenCathy Messecar and Karen Robbins

Janet Thompson (Dear God, Why Can’t I Have a Baby?, 2011) –

Dr. Richard Beck (The Authenticity of Faith, 2012) –


Authors with New Releases

Sara Barton (A Woman Called, 2012) –

Edward Fudge (Hell: A Final Word, 2012) –

Nancy B. Kennedy (Miracles & Moments of Grace Series, How We Did It) –

Bob Hostetler (Quit Going to Church, 2012) –


Authors with Upcoming Releases

Tracie Miles (Stressed-Less Living, Fall 2012) –

Jon Walker (Breakfast with Bonhoeffer, Fall 2011) –

Denise George (A Woman’s Right to Rest, Fall 2012) –

Julie-Allyson Ieron (The God Interviews, Fall 2012) –


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