Righteous and Lost: Finding Hope for the Pharisee Within

$ 14.99

by Michelle Lazurek


Not everyone was pleased with dear old dad. Would you have been? 

Word traveled fast about the celebration, but out in the field, the older brother stood his ground. He found no joy in these events.

When Jesus first spoke the parable of the prodigal son and his older brother, he sought to confront the religious leaders of his day, the Pharisees. They were filled with a critical and biting spirit. Today’s church is full of similarly minded older brothers who are just as lost.

Christians often become burned out on church but don’t know why. We can easily become the older brother grumbling in the field, jealous and envious of all the spoils our younger brother receives. This parable is one of longing, of wanting, and of a Father who extends his hand and gives freely to both sons—yet only one gratefully receives. This book will help you identify the attitudes and behaviors hindering you from the intimate walk with God you desire. 

In Righteous and Lost, you will

  • explore biblical passages that will help you embrace the love of your Father
  • identify symptoms of a religious spirit
  • analyze how a religious spirit can block you from a relationship with God
  • apply practical tips and advice to prevent a religious spirit from coming back into your life


Michelle S. Lazurek is an award-winning author, speaker, pastor’s wife and mother. Winner of the Golden Scroll Children’s Book of the Year and the Enduring Light Silver Medal, she is a member of the Christian Author’s Network and the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. Her first book with Leafwood Publishers, An Invitation to the Table, came out September 2016. She also teaches at various writers’ workshops, such as the Montrose Christian Writers conference. She and her husband live in Coudersport, Pennsylvania, with their two children, Caleb and Leah. For more information, please visit her website at www.michellelazurek.com.


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