• An Invitation to the Table: Embracing the Gift of Hospitality

An Invitation to the Table: Embracing the Gift of Hospitality

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by Michelle Lazurek

Jesus spent a chunk of his ministry eating and drinking with the "sinners and tax collectors" of the world. If we strive to be more like Jesus, shouldn’t we do more of what he did?

Hospitality involves more than the domesticated event we have grown accustomed to practicing. It is an embodiment of all the Christian life stands for: a gesture of love, opening up our hearts and lives, and sacrificing luxury and security for the chance to display God’s glory. To receive hospitality from others is an invitation to receive God’s transformative power to work in their lives.

Readers will ask themselves these questions:

  • What is hospitality?
  • Is it something I am, or something I do?
  • How do I offer my life as a gesture of hospitality?
  • What are some practical ways for me to display and receive hospitality?


Michelle Lazurek is an award-winning author, speaker, pastor’s wife, and a mother. She is a member of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association and has had over 100 articles published in magazines such as Gifted for Leadership and Encouragement Cafe. She has a master’s in Counseling from Liberty University and teaches public speaking as adjunct faculty for Gannon University. Please visit her website at michellelazurek.com.

ISBN: 9780891123439

Pages: 208

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