• The Plan A Mom in a Plan B World: Raising Faithful Kids in a Flawed World

The Plan A Mom in a Plan B World: Raising Faithful Kids in a Flawed World

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by Debbie Taylor Williams

Debbie Taylor Williams helps women realize through biblical teaching and true-life stories that being a mother holds unique challenges in our ever-changing world. Feelings of insecurity and isolation are not uncommon for mothers. However, rather than accept feelings of failure or settling for less than what God wants for your family, moms can approach life with God's perspective, filled with hope and encouragement.

Moms face challenges and pressures unique to today's society. It's easy for mothers to feel lonely and discouraged, as if they are the only one facing problems with their children. It's common for them to feel that other mom's have their act together, and they're not the moms they should be. These feelings of inadequacy can affect a mother's ability to parent in the way God desires. In her new book, Debbie Williams unveils six land mines that can undermine a mother's effectiveness. She presents practical steps for defusing the land mines and walking in truth and joy. Read this inspiring new book and discover what steps you need to take to find help and hope for your parenting future.

Debbie Williams is the founder of Hill Country Ministries that stresses the importance of prayer and women living in obedience to God's Word. She speaks widely around the country and has a very popular Web site that ministers to women. See www.debbietaylorwilliams.com or www.planAwoman.com. She is the author of The Plan A Woman in a Plan B World, Pray with Passion, Live with Purpose, and other books. She makes her home in Kerrville, TX.

"Our perfect plan for parenting may not play out exactly like we thought it would, yet Plan B can lead us to a beautiful dependence on the Lord rather than ourselves. Debbie Williams helps every parent discover the blessings in the Plan B of family life. Through creative insight and biblical wisdom, Debbie gives us just the tools we need to be the parents we have always wanted to be."

- Karol Ladd, author of The Power of a Positive Mom


"Debbie Williams shows us how to bypass the hidden landmines of motherhood and leads us to hope and encouragement. She helps us become the mothers God created us to be."

- Linda Evans Shepherd, author of When You Don't Know What to Pray:
How to Talk to God about Anything

"Having had the experience of being a Plan A mom with a Plan B daughter, I appreciate Debbie Williams' sensitivity, humor, and practical tips for defusing the parenting 'land mines' that assail every well-intentioned mother. This book is a vital resource for every woman who just wants to be a 'good mom.'"

- Janet Thompson, author of Praying for Your Prodigal Daughter: Hope, Help & Encouragement for Hurting Parents

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Pages: 224

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