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You Might Be Too Busy If . . . You Used to Be So Organized

Many people can feel overwhelmed with the daily tasks that quickly dominate the day. Clearly there is a desire to get a better hold on our daily lives as evidenced by the recent success of I Used to Be So Organized, released by Leafwood Publishers this past August.

Following is an interview with Gary Holloway, author of several books by Leafwood Publishers, including You Might Be Too Busy If…, about a subject that many are all too familiar with: our busy lives conflicting with our relationship with God.

Gary Holloway: “What I hear from most Christian people I’m around, and I’m around a wide variety, is that they just seem too busy doing ‘good’ things. They don’t have time to reflect on what they’re doing, they don’t have time to spend with people they really care about. It’s the old cliché that the urgent elbows out the important. Some even find themselves doing ‘church work’ rather than spending time with God.”

Anyone who recognizes him or herself in Holloway’s description should take the time to read his latest book, You Might Be Too Busy If… from Leafwood Publishers. With an engaging format that’s both practical and concise, those who read it will not feel their time wasted. The pages are filled with helpful sticky notes containing words of wisdom and quotes gleaned from sources ranging from Psalms to Henri Nouwen. The advice of scholars, authors and psalmists combined with Holloway’s own insights make for an incredible guide to gaining a more fulfilling yet balanced life.

Gary Holloway: “I think people who feel the need for a more reasonable lifestyle, that

feel that their life has become kind of crazy, that feel overburdened or overwhelmed, that are looking for a simpler life should read this book.”

You Might Be Too Busy If… is centered on four basic spiritual practices and the very model of one who lived a balanced yet incredibly fulfilling life: Jesus Christ. As a passage in Chapter two explains, “We are tired, frazzled, burned out because we have not learned the secret of Jesus. That particularly in the busiest of days, making time to be alone with God is not just one more thing to add to the schedule. It is the essential thing, the source of power, peace and plenty.”


What about you? Do you often feel overwhelmed or out of balance? Do you think it’s possible to become too busy doing “good” things? Leave a comment below.

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