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Top 10 Social Media Sites for Book Lovers

Social media is not just a great way to connect with people, it can also be a great tool for discovering new books. There are several popular websites that cater to book lovers that allow users to do everything from swap books in the mail to leave books in public areas for others to discover. Below is a list of top 10 list of some of the best social media sites for book lovers. Enjoy!

  1. Goodreads

“Goodreads is the largest site for readers and book recommendations in the world. We have more than 9,600,000 members who have added more than 340,000,000 books to their shelves. A home for casual readers and bona-fide bookworms alike, Goodreads users recommend books, compare what they are reading, keep track of what they’ve read and would like to read, find their next favorite book, form book clubs and much more. “- From the website

  1. LibraryThing

Similar to Goodreads, LibrayThing features giveaways and allows readers to review, discover and learn more information about books. The website is not as stylish as Goodreads, mostly because LibraryThing serves as more of an online catalog of books rather than a social site, although there are certainly opportunities to share and interact with others about books.

  1. Shelfari

You may have seen the popular Shelfari bookshelf widget on some of your friends blogs but a virtual display case isn’t the only thing offered by the site. Shelfari also allows its members to rate and discuss books in online book groups. There are also hundreds of lists currated by members which can help users discover books based on their interests.

  1. Book Glutton

Book Glutton allows readers to host a virtual book club online and include their friends, family or just people they meet online. The site allows users to live chat inside chapters of the book, highlight text and leave comments as well. The site currently has only a little under 800 books in its catalog but Book Glutton is working with publishers to get more titles available.

  1. Spine Breakers

“Register to become a Spinebreaker and get creative with all your favourite teen books. Create a blurb, redesign the cover, film a scene, rewrite the ending…it’s all up to you. You can also see what other Spinebreakers are creating. Browse the site, read book reviews and share content with your friends. And if you want to become a Spinebreakers Editor, you can apply and if you are chosen, you’ll have access to authors, review copies of Penguin’s latest books, Editorial events and much more.” – From the website

  1. aNobii

“aNobii is an online reading community built by readers for readers allowing you to shelve, find and share books. Our mission is to bring book lovers together and encourage reading. Use the aNobii website and Apps to find your next read and tell your friends about it. Don’t worry if some of your friends aren’t on aNobii yet as we integrate with Facebook and Twitter. The word “aNobii” comes from Anobium Punctatum, the Latin name for the most common bookworm.” – From the website

  1. Book Crossing

Readers all over the world have loved the concept behind Book Crossing: Leave or “release” a book in a public area, notify the Book Crossing community online and when someone “catches” the book, they record their discovery. Over 4 million books have been registered so far.

  1. You Are What You Read

“Once you sign up, you’ll be able to input your Bookprint – the five books that most influenced your life. You’ll then be able to connect with others through your shared Bookprints, interact with a global community of readers, and discover new books to enjoy.” – From the website

  1. Paperback Swap

Paperback Swap allows users to “Swap, Trade & Exchange Books for Free. List books you’d like to swap with other club members. Once a book is requested, mail it to the club member. In return, you may choose from 5,057,791 available books!  Books you request are mailed to you for free. No late fees. No hidden charges.” – From the website

  1. Alikewise

Alikewise is actually a dating site that pairs people up based on similar interests in books. Users create a profile and can then browse other’s profiles based on their proximity to a zip code and a shared love of a particular book.


Any we missed? Be sure to let us know your favorite social sites for book lovers in the comments below.


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