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Take Me with You

Barry Dyck was eighteen years old when his vision (his term) of Jesus took place. He had gone to nearby Mt. Baker in Washington state to ski. As he skied that day his goggles fogged up, and before he knew what was happening he went over a drop-off. When he reached the bottom the skis struck his neck, breaking three vertebrae and herniating one disc. The pain was excruciating as he was taken off the mountain by the ski patrol. He was rushed to St. Mary’s Hospital in Bellingham, where he was placed in a neck brace and traction, and was kept as immobile as possible.

In the middle of the night eight days after the accident Barry woke up to find Jesus standing at the end of his bed. Jesus stretched out his arms toward Barry, and Barry immediately sat up. Despite the orders not to move, he grasped the hands of Jesus and begged, “Take me with you” – he was drawn by an indescrib­able feeling of love. Jesus somehow indicated that satisfying this request was not possible, and that everything would be fine. When Barry woke up the next morning he was disap­pointed to discover that he was still alive! However, all his swelling and pain were gone. He convinced the attending doctor the next day that he was well enough to go home, and the doctor reluctantly agreed. Within three or four days of returning home he resumed his regimen of running, without any ill effects.”

This is one of thirty modern encounters that I personally researched. A continuous line from early Christian days when the Resurrected Jesus was first encountered can be found in history. This book tells that story.


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