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Resources and Influencers Every Author/Writer Should Know About

If you are an author who has published a book within the past few years, you know that creating and growing a platform can play a big part in the success of a book. Many influential leaders in publishing share their ideas through their blogs which provide not only a great platform for them to grow their influence but provide a great resource for up-and-coming members of the publishing industry. Below are a few important resources for writers from seasoned authors, publishers, literary agents and others who share their knowledge online.



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Micheal Hyatt. If you hope to grow your platform and become successful in the publishing world, you need to follow the blog of Michael Hyatt. The current chairman of Thomas Nelson publishers after stepping down as CEO last spring, Michael shares a wealth of information on publishing, social media, leadership and more in addition to wisdom for many of life’s journeys.

Rachelle Gardener. A seasoned literary agent with years of experience and more than 100 book deals under her belt, Rachelle gives excellent advice on how to navigate the whole publishing process from finding the right literary agent to marketing the book.

Mary DeMuth. A successful writer herself, Mary gives personal insights and encouragement to authors and writers through her popular blog. Mary also lends her platform to up-and-coming writers, like our very own Leslie Wilson, by offering to let others guest post on her blog.

Jane Friedman. A wealth of knowledge can be found on the blog of Jane Friedman who very recently was named the new web editor of Virginia Quarterly Review.  Jane is a former publishing & media executive who has taught courses on e-media at the university level for the past two years. There are several in-depth resources available on her blog for free.


How about you? Were there any important blogs/influencers that we missed? Leave a suggestion in the comments below.

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