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New Books Releasing at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures

In addition to Summit each year at Abilene Christian University, one of the largest gatherings among members of the Churches of Christ is the annual Pepperdine Bible Lectures which take place on the scenic hills of Malibu, California. Each year, ACU Press and Leafwood Publishers takes the opportunity to release several of our upcoming titles. The Pepperdine Bible Lectures also provide an excellent place to see and

hear from many of our authors who are speaking on topics relating to their books.

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This year, we are proud to be releasing several titles of significance including Epic Fail, Loves God, Likes Girls, The Story of the Churches of Christ and A Slaughtered Lamb. Each of the authors will be at Pepperdine – three of which will be signing copies of their books after the evening keynote sessions.

Titles Releasing at The Pepperdine Bible Lectures:


Epic Fail

Gordon Dabbs

Epic Fail is God’s invitation to learn and grow from the great collapses of the Bible. The Bible records stories of men and women who were both heroes and zeroes. We can learn from both. Welcome to a journey through the wisdom and life lessons offered in the stories of the Bible’s greatest failures!

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