• The Word in the English Classroom: Best Practices of Faith Integration

The Word in the English Classroom: Best Practices of Faith Integration

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by Jamie Dessart & Brad Gambill

If you teach at a faith-based college or university, you've probably heard much about "integrating faith and learning." But what does that actually look like? What do you do when you walk in the classroom door?

In this book, editors Jamie Dessart and Brad Gambill have brought together English professors from across the spectrum of Christian higher education, inviting contributors to reflect on how faith and scholarship intersect in their particular academic areas and Christian traditions. The authors represent a broad range of Christian faith and a variety of specializations within the field of English, including composition and rhetoric, creative writing, literature, and media studies.

They write honestly and specifically about their work, confessing successes and failures, intentional plans and accidents that flopped or initiated new ways of thinking. As you read each chapter, you'll gain another view of what it can mean to negotiate faith in the classroom, as the authors share reflections on courses and lessons they've taught. Many of us are still working to understand how faith and scholarship should collaborate in our classrooms. This volume offers an important look into current practice in order to promote even further development for the future.

Jamie Dessart is Associate Professor of English at Waynesburg University in southwestern Pennsylvania. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky and specializes in Medieval literature, women's studies, and contemporary science fiction and fantasy literature.

Brad Gambill is Associate Professor of English and Director of the Honors Program at John Brown University, Siloam Springs, Arkansas. He holds a Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University and specializes in Native American literature.

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