• Women in the Church: Reclaiming the Ideal

Women in the Church: Reclaiming the Ideal

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by Carroll Osburn

For conservative churches continuing to seek the middle ground between radical feminism on the one hand and an unhealthy patriarchalism on the other, it is useful to discuss existing options. Radical feminism and patriarchalism fail to survive biblical and sociological analysis. Egalitarianism and hierarchal complementarianism must be critiqued in terms of their biblical basis and sociological viability...

Because this book has been out of print for some time and numerous people have urged that it be reprinted, this second edition, subtitled Reclaiming the Ideal, provides an opportunity to make a few corrections. It also provides an opportunity to respond to several constructive remarks made regarding the earlier volume. Since that study, the second volume of Essays on Women in Earliest Christianity has come into print and readers will profit from several references to significant studies in that volume...

- From the Preface to the 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9780891120216

Pages: 282

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