• Winning Every Woman's War: Defeating Temptations

Winning Every Woman's War: Defeating Temptations

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by Cathy Messecar & Deanna Koehl

A winning woman can succeed in identifying & overcoming subtle temptations.

Evil has a coach. However, a victorious woman has a Savior. Winning Every Woman’s War equips women with sightseeing tools to identify the temptations of fear, disrespect, manipulation, comparison, selfishness, judgment, ungodly words, materialism, and more.

Cathy Messecar and Deanna Koehl effectively gear up and arm winning women with a battery of God’s Word and examples to assist in personal battles common to women. Through this field guide, you will learn how toidentify and defeat temptations. Through Scripture, prayer, and Titus 2 mentoring, you will call upon God's battalions to barricade you and your family's souls. You will become tender warriors who light the world and defeat darkness.

Cathy Messecar—in the sandwich generation—speaks at local and national women’s retreats,social and writing clubs. She has authored five published books and wrote eleven years—over 600 columns—for Houston Community Newspapers, The Courier. www.cathymessecar.com.

Deanna Koehl—author and speaker—resides in Texas and has been married to the cowboy of her prayers for over 20 years. They own a horse ranch where they live with their teenage son and tween daughter. Deanna enjoys sharing God’s truth with teenagers and women.

ISBN: 9780891123767

Pages: 208

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