• Why Me? (And Why That's the Wrong Question): A Godly View of Suffering

Why Me? (And Why That's the Wrong Question): A Godly View of Suffering

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by James Davis

We're living between Eden and Heaven, and it's going to hurt. When trials come, will they defeat you or strengthen you? It all depends on which questions you ask.

We have lots of different ways of asking why God allows suffering. The Bible shows us that it is human to question God when trials come, but it isn't very productive. God hasn't answered the why me questions, and if we get stuck on them it can distance us from the very one who offers us hope in a storm.

But there are other things we can ask about trials, questions that God does answer. The "right" questions relate to what God can accomplish through our pain, such as how a trial brings us closer to God and equips us for service. When we stop asking, "Why me?" and start asking, "What can God do with this?" it changes everything.

Jim Davis is a constitutional attorney who has taught and written Bible studies for nearly 20 years. Whether teaching in his home church or publishing Bible study curriculum, Jim uses his legal training and all the help the Holy Spirit gives him to bring a fresh perspective to Bible study. Jim lives in Alabama, with his wife Sonya and teenage son Tully. You can see more of Jim's writing at www.JimDavisBooks.com.

"In Why Me? Jim Davis turns the difficult issue of suffering upside down to view it from an unusual and compelling perspective. Why Me? challenged my old questions and assumptions and replaced them with new questions that have strengthened my faith."

—Joseph Bentz, author of Pieces of Heaven: Recognizing the Presence of God

"In Why Me? (And Why ThatÍs the Wrong Question), Jim Davis addresses suffering in a unique and fresh perspective. . . . I believe this book should be on the shelf of every believer."

—Crickett Keeth, author of The Cry of My Heart: To Know God More Intimately Through His Names

"Why Me? is the book I recommend to anyone who questions God's goodness in the midst of suffering. Its combination of solid biblical teaching and real-life stories told in a warm down-to-earth manner gives readers hope and a deeper understanding of a complex issue."

—Sue Hume, Soul Care counselor

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Pages: 238

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