• Why College Matters to God, 3rd Edition

Why College Matters to God, 3rd Edition

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By Rick Ostrander 


“Perhaps the best available introduction for students to the aims and purposes of a Christian college education . . . . I see this book as a potential replacement for Arthur F. Holmes’s venerable The Idea of a Christian College.” —MICHAEL HAMILTON, Chair, Department of History, Seattle Pacific University

A trusted first-year text at Christian colleges and universities

Why College Matters to God is a brief, easy-to-read introduction
to the unique purpose of a Christian college education. It has
been widely used by Christian colleges and universities over the
past decade because of its unsurpassed ability to be substantive
yet accessible. The book draws on the insights of a wide range of
Christian philosophers, theologians, historians, and scientists,
but communicates key concepts in straightforward language that
connects with a general audience. Brief enough to be paired with
other texts, Why College Matters to God is an ideal introduction
to the why and how of Christian learning for students, faculty,
staff, and parents.

The third edition preserves the qualities of the previous
editions along with updated illustrations and new material on
important topics such as:

• Christian learning and the challenges of technology
• Christian vocation, career preparation, and the liberal arts
• Diversity and civility on campus
• The habits of the highly effective college student



RICK OSTRANDER is an academic consultant, a former vice president at the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities. He previously served as provost of Cornerstone University and dean of undergraduate studies at John Brown University, where he supervised the First-Year Seminar and the University Core Curriculum. He speaks and writes widely on Christian higher education and is the author of several publications. Learn more at www.ostranderacademics.com.

“Few sectors of American society face the skepticism and pressure to change with the knowledge economy like higher education. Christian higher education is not immune, which makes it important for students enrolling in Christian universities to understand why their school is different and why it matters. No one has addressed this question more succinctly and effectively than Rick Ostrander in Why College Matters to God. I commend this volume to anyone looking for an accessible introduction to the mission and value of higher education that is distinctively Christian.”

—Andy Chambers, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Missouri Baptist University

“Rick Ostrander’s book is the best book of which I am aware for introducing students to what Christian higher education is about. It is sound and insightful in its approach, eminently clear, and engagingly written.”

—George Marsden, author of The Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship

“The crisp, conversational quality of Why College Matters to God makes it remarkably accessible for college students. For all its ease of reading, the book also bears the marks of a wise grasp of the biblical and theological grounds for learning, the history of higher education, and our present cultural moment. Combining evident faith and generous understanding, Rick has given us a fabulous resource to make good Christian sense of a college education.”

—Douglas V. Henry, Dean of the Honors College, Baylor University

“Rick Ostrander has taken the best of Why College Matters to God and refreshed it for a new generation of Christian college students. Students who are eager to engage the cultural challenges of our day with a solid foundation in Christ will find a number of resources to help them make their college years a fertile training ground for developing habits of thoughtful Christian leadership.”

—Trisha Posey, Director of the Honors Scholars Program, John Brown University

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