• What Jesus Said about the Holy Spirit: and How it Applies to Your Life

What Jesus Said about the Holy Spirit: and How it Applies to Your Life

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by Tim Woodroof

In the Gospel of John, Jesus introduces us to the Paraclete—the Spirit who is personal, intimate, and life-giving. The Paraclete Jesus describes is a Spirit we ache to know. In fact, we do know him. This Spirit is no stranger to us. He is the Spirit of Jesus.

How do we grow a relationship with this Spirit? How do we allow the Spirit to do transforming work in our lives? You'll find more in these pages than theory and principle. You will discover practices for walking in the Spirit and making relationship with him a daily privilege.

Key insights about the Holy Spirit featured in this book:

  • The Spirit is not a stranger with a strange agenda. We know this person. He is Jesus in forever, indwelling form.
  • Everything about the Spirit's work is supernatural, but the Spirit's most significant work has little to do with signs and wonders and much to do with transforming and maturing our lives.
  • Jesus promises that the Spirit will be with us forever and become the means by which we constantly experience the companionship of our Lord.
  • Jesus promises that the Spirit will teach us everything we need to know about fulfilling the mission he has given us.
  • Jesus promises that the Spirit will convict the world of its need for a Savior, breaking people's heart so they are ready to hear our message.
  • Includes a section on "Ten Disciplines for Seeking the Spirit."

Tim Woodroof, after twenty-five years as a senior pastor, is now serving churches as a consultant, speaker, mentor, and writer. He is the author of Walk This Way: An Interactive Guide for Following Jesus and other books. He and his wife reside in Nashville, Tennessee. Together they have raised three children and ministered to three churches.

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Pages: 240

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