• Weak Is the New Strong: God's Perfect Power in You

Weak Is the New Strong: God's Perfect Power in You

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By Todd Lollar - with Foreword by Jase Robertson

What if your weaknesses are actually your greatest strengths?

With cerebral palsy binding him to a wheelchair and slowing his speech, Todd’s physical weaknesses have always apparent. He’s never had the option of hiding his weaknesses. Escape—Impossible.

But through God’s movement in the trials, Todd became deeply thankful for what many would consider devastating. Weak Is the New Strong is an invitation to journey through Todd’s touching stories and dynamic biblical explorations of God’s view of weakness, and to discover how your greatest weakness—whatever it is—can be transformed by God’s strength. God longs for his power to spring to life in you so that you can serve others, and Todd can show you how. The key to abundant life is learning to live confidently in God’s power through your weaknesses—not despite them.

Todd Lollar, a wheelchair-rolling, speech-impeded, cerebral-palsied minister of the gospel, is the founder and executive director of Mobilize Ministries TM , a ministry to mobilize missional living and expand the good news of Jesus and his kingdom among existing spheres of influence. Todd received a master’s in biblical studies from Abilene Christian University. Fueled by his burning passion to minister to people, Todd has traveled across the nation speaking and inspiring people around the world to follow Jesus passionately, thrive in God’s power, and share the gospel through daily living. God continues to use Todd’s life and weaknesses to connect with people and lead them to Jesus. Connect with him at www.mobilizeministries.com.

“I’ve known Todd for many years and have been so encouraged by his deep love for the Lord and for his family. In his new book, Weak Is the New Strong, Todd shows us how, through Christ, anything is possible. Our weaknesses are not useless to God; they are where his power can work the most!" —Robert Morris, Founding Lead Senior Pastor of Gateway Church, and best-selling author of The Blessed LifeBeyond Blessed, and Take the Day Off

“My friend Todd Lollar knows that God’s power is revealed in the most peculiar ways. The things we tend to be ashamed of often become the very things God uses to redeem the world, and the scars that show what we have survived can become our credentials. You are going to love this book. Todd is one of the bright lights in this world.” —Shane Claiborne, author, activist, and Cofounder of Red Letter Christians


“In a book full of fire, gentleness, and generosity, Todd Lollar showcases how weakness is a strength and how woundedness makes us whole. In the same way adding impurities to a material like aluminum strengthens and stiffens it, since pure aluminum is too soft to be of any use on its own, so weakness is the secret sauce of greatness and power. Maybe it’s time for a weakness—not just strengths—inventory.” —Leonard Sweet, best-selling author of Rings of Fire, and Founder and President of SpiritVenture Ministries

Weak is the New Strong is a timely message for a world distracted from the things that really matter. Todd Lollar uses lessons from his life filled with challenge, disappointment, and heartbreak to show us all that there is strength in our weakness, joy in our pain, and beauty in our brokenness.” —Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck, authors of I'll Push You and Imprints: The Evidence Our Lives Leave Behind

“I have known Todd for over twenty years. He was the first person to disciple me as a new believer in college, and he eventually became my roommate, ministry associate, and dear friend. Todd lives his faith like few I know. His physical weakness has formed a strength and resolve that transforms anyone who meets him. Todd’s life is a profound message that Jesus is alive and ready to love us, change us, and empower us, no matter what confronts us in this life. This book will give you insight into the power of the gospel and how the power of Christ is made for our weakness.” Michael Miller, Founder and Senior Pastor of UPPERROOM

“My friend Todd Lollar’s constant kindness towards others is a shining example of the love Jesus has for us all. Todd’s weaknesses have not kept him from working hard and chasing his dreams. Todd is a rock star—bold and brave, he shows through his life that God’s power is made perfect in weakness. The truth is we are all weak. Weak is the New Strong is such an inspiration, and it has encouraged me to no longer hide my weaknesses, but to see them as a lampstand for displaying God’s power. Like you’re favorite song, you’ll want to put this book’s message on repeat in your daily life.” —Aaron Watson, singer and songwriter

“I’ve been fortunate to know Todd for many years. His love and passion for the Lord is clear, as evidenced in the words written on these pages. Todd’s book gave me pause. It brought tears to my eyes, a smile to my face—it helped soften the parts of me that I’ve worked hard to armor up. I’m honored to be his friend and to share this book with my friends!” —Alecia Davis, TV personality and host, Extra and CMT

“We all have weaknesses, though some of us have the ability to hide them better than others. In Weak Is the New Strong, Todd Lollar shows us not only how to not feel compelled to hide those weaknesses, but also how God can use our weaknesses to perfect us. There’s strength in weakness, and Todd helps us see that good news.” —Luke Norsworthy, author of Befriending Your Monsters and host of the Newsworthy with Norsworthy podcast

“While reading this poignant, convicting book, I was reminded of a weekly scene at our church while Todd was in seminary: he was always surrounded by people. Both young and old were drawn to his radical kindness, his wisdom, and his pace. Todd’s words invite us into a world where our identity is anchored in God’s assurance that his grace is sufficient for us.” —Mike Cope, Director of Ministry Outreach, Pepperdine University

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ISBN 9781684260515

Pages 192

Dimensions (inches) 5.5 x 8.25

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