• Visions and Appearances of Jesus

Visions and Appearances of Jesus

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by Phillip Wiebe

Can you imagine how extraordinary and transcendent it would be to have Jesus appear before you? For the people discussed in this book, that is just what happened. This book surveys these awe-inspiring accounts over the centuries and down to the present time.

No serious doubt seems to exist that visions of Jesus have occurred and might continue today. Even those who are skeptical about the reality of religious experiences seem to agree that such visions have occurred, although they tend to dismiss them as hallucinations. However, enough reports have occurred in the history of the church to make such reports believable.

Visions and Appearances of Jesus examines the remarkable fact that Jesus has seemingly appeared to people in every century. Phillip Wiebe examines this claim, highlighting details of the "encounter experiences" of 28 living people, whom he personally interviewed. He presents ongoing experiences as supporting evidence for the biblical claims that Jesus was seen alive after his death, and defends the resurrection as understood by Christian tradition.

Phillip H. Wiebe has been a professor of philosophy since 1972, and has taught at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia, since 1978. He has given lectures on visions of Jesus from Oxford to Harvard, Chicago to Toronto, and San Francisco to Lublin, Poland. He is the founding member of the Vancouver Shroud Association. Phillip and his wife have two children and four grandchildren.

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