• Trekking Toward Tenacity: Your Family's Roadmap to Stronger Mental Health

Trekking Toward Tenacity: Your Family's Roadmap to Stronger Mental Health

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Empower your children with the gift of tenacity through these practical, meaningful tools for their mental and spiritual health.

Trekking toward Tenacity walks through Psalm 139 verse by verse, discovering how we can help our children develop mentally healthy habits. The goal is to coach our kids to be more tenacious because we live in a tumultuous world. It can be hard to stay focused on God and on mentally healthy habits in that tumult, but this book gives concrete ways to help kids to do just that.

By teaching parents practical application steps to implement with kids of all ages, ranging from preschool to adolescent, this book will give them new tools to support their families in the quest for better mental health. It will provide rock-solid encouragement for parents who are stressed out and wondering if they’re making the right choices for their families. It provides counterintelligence against the onslaught of increased risks of mental health challenges for children and young adults today.

Chris Morris is a passionate mental health advocate dedicated to promoting understanding of mental health issues within the church. Because of a lifelong struggle with depression and suicidality, Chris became committed to breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging others to seek after holistic health. As a writer and speaker, Chris has shared his personal story and insights with audiences across the country, inspiring many individuals to take control of their own health, break free from poor theological teaching placed upon them, and seek the support they need. Chris is deeply committed to creating a more compassionate and supportive world and church for individuals living with mental health issues. Find out more at ChrisMorrisWrites.com.

ISBN 9781684263899

Pages 192

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