• Timeless—Ancient Psalms for the Church Today, Volume Three: Sing to God a New Song, Psalms 90-150

Timeless—Ancient Psalms for the Church Today, Volume Three: Sing to God a New Song, Psalms 90-150

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A Psalter/Commentary combining in-depth study of Psalms 90–150 with 140 new songs.

This volume, encompassing Psalms 90–150, is the final volume of the series. Volume one covered Psalms 1–41, and volume two incorporated Psalms 42–89. The intent of this series is not to produce technical volumes; rather, they are intended for use

by church leaders, ministers, informed lay persons, and Bible teachers to obtain basic understanding of some of the concerns and issues found in a particular psalm, and go from there to an application of the psalm for present-day worship in song.

For each psalm there is a translation, treatment of its structure and theology, and then two or more musical settings. This variety demonstrates several ways of bringing the Psalms into Christian worship. Most of the music in Timeless is intended for congregational singing.

Timeless is an ecumenical and international project. While having its origin in the a cappella tradition of Churches of Christ, the book is based on the conviction that all Christian communions share the original hymnbook of the second temple and the church. The editor, therefore, has solicited commentaries, compositions, and lyrics from a broad range of Christian traditions.

Volume 1 and Volume 2 are also available.

R. Mark Shipp has a BA and MS from Pepperdine University and an MDiv and PhD from Princeton Theological Seminary. He was trained in hymnology at Princeton Seminary and is the co-composer of the oratorio Hinds’ Feet on High Places. He has authored Of Dead Kings and Dirges (SBL Press), “1 and 2 Chronicles” in volume 2 of the Transforming Word series (ACU Press), numerous articles, and coauthored An Akkadian Handbook (Eisenbrauns) with Douglas Miller. He is married to Sheree Shipp and has two daughters, Sarah and Rachel.

Timeless lives wonderfully at the intersection of ministry and artistry! With each new sacred song, the ancient wisdom sings clearly with renewed purpose and passion! This treasury of truth takes the worshiper on a journey of promise that will encourage and inspire. Highly recommended!”

—Joseph M. Martin, Composer/Pianist/Publisher

"Like the previous volumes, Timeless, volume 3, offers fresh and faithful translations of the Psalms, along with incisive and insightful commentary for the appropriation of the Psalms in the contemporary Church and world. Timeless will be an indispensable resource for pastors, teachers, musicians, layfolk, and scholars."

—J. Clinton McCann Jr., Evangelical Professor of Biblical Interpretation, Eden Theological Seminary 

“While psalmody has enjoyed a widespread and ecumenical revival the past two generations, the comprehensive approach by the Churches of Christ stands out. Their deep commitment to ‘recover psalm singing within our churches’ honored not only their heritage of unaccompanied singing, so that most of the songs were newly composed, but also includes new translations, theological applications, devotional reflections for each psalm, and even a remarkable commitment to provide recordings. May this kind of effort bear much fruit within and beyond their churches!”

—Emily R. Brink, PhD, Editor of Psalter Hymnal (1987)

Timeless is a unique commentary that provides multiple ways to employ the Psalms in worship settings—from responsive reading to practical application to musical renderings. As someone who has spent her career writing about and teaching the Psalms, the approach of this commentary is a breath of fresh air. Timeless commends itself to those seeking to bring the Psalms alive for worshippers in the twenty-first century.”

—Nancy L. deClaissé-Walford, retired Old Testament Professor at Mercer University

ISBN 9781684262823

Pages 432

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