• The Courage Factor: Taking Bold Steps That Lead to Joy

The Courage Factor: Taking Bold Steps That Lead to Joy

$ 18.99

By Bob Westfall - with Forword by Henry Cloud

Joy—the unexpected reward for outrageous courage and faith

Based on Jesus’s Parable of the Talents, The Courage Factor challenges readers to think of their lives as a priceless commodity that can be leveraged for positive impact. In reflecting on the ups and downs of his own journey, Bob exposes the fear that keeps us isolated, causing us to lock up our gifts and dreams. Instead of having a positive impact on the world with our talents, we are left frustrated and unfulfilled. But if we have the courage to pursue our dreams—investing our lives and talents into something meaningful—what results is true joy and fulfillment.

Throughout The Courage Factor, readers will meet inspiring individuals with stories that illustrate how even our dark moments and detours can prepare us for significance if we embrace courage and step forward in faith. Discover the potential we each have to unlock and accelerate the dreams and talents of those around us. In key moments of decision, pivotal moments where fear and courage do battle, learn to recognize these moments for what they are, defeat fear, and turn risk into reward. Courageous and fully invested people can change the world, and you can be one of them.

BOB WESTFALL is the founder of Westfall Gold. He has drawn on his experience in major donor development to build one of the country’s preeminent fundraising consultancies. Bob is accredited as a master trainer by the Association of Fundraising Professionals and serves as a director of The Giving Institute. The author of The Fulfillment Principle, Bob is a dynamic speaker for leadership and development conferences around the world. Learn more about Bob at www.westfallgold.com.

ISBN 9781684261406

Pages 144

Dimensions (inches) 5.25 x 7.75

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