• The Big Country Cookbook: Recipes and Histories from Sixteen Counties in West Texas

The Big Country Cookbook: Recipes and Histories from Sixteen Counties in West Texas

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Tiffany Harellik

From apricot pie to green chili hominy, The Big Country Cookbook has histories and recipes that span over one hundred years and cover over a dozen counties.

Driving into the Big Country, clusters of cactus pads line the road. Mistletoe hangs from the branches of mesquite trees whose leaves provide little shade. There are farmers raising cattle for beef, ranchers maintaining the whitetail deer population for hunters, and fishermen pulling bass and catfish out of the area lakes. Like many parts of Texas, agriculture, good food, and football are community builders.

In this cookbook, culinary-travel author Tiffany Harelik takes you on a journey through sixteen counties in the Big Country and shares recipes and interviews from iconic restaurants such as Perini’s, Owl Drugstore, and the Beehive; local football legends including Hugh Sandifer; and historic families like the Kirkhams and Bonners. Learn how to make cinnamon waffles, poppy seed sausage rolls, an acorn squash mash, quail, enchiladas, and more in this entertaining, one-of-a-kind, travel-oriented cookbook.


Born in Austin, raised in Buffalo Gap, Tiffany Harelik (rhymes with garlic) is a culinary-travel author with over a dozen cookbooks in her boutique collection. Texas to the bone, she has spoken about Texana food culture all over the globe including engagements in Europe, South America, the Caribbean, and the United States. She has conducted book signings at world-famous bookstores including Powell’s in Portland, Oregon, Book People in Austin, Texas, and The Book Loft in Columbus, Ohio. www.tiffanyharelik.com

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Pages: 272

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