• Teaching Eutychus: Engaging Today's Learners with Passion and Creativity

Teaching Eutychus: Engaging Today's Learners with Passion and Creativity

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by Houston Heflin

This book celebrates the hard work of volunteers who give their time and invest their energy to teach in churches. Each short chapter is full of creative ideas and coaching tips to help you have more attentive students and more engaging lessons the next time you teach.

Remember Eutychus in the New Testament? He was the young man who fell asleep and fell out of the window while Paul was speaking. How do you teach Eutychus today?

Whether you're a first-time teacher or want to add new skills to years of teaching experience, you'll discover how to create a classroom environment where people are motivated and eager to learn. You'll learn secrets to preparing successful lessons, strategies for leading groups of all sizes, and you'll learn simple ways to make technology support teaching. You'll also understand more about how people learn and what students are looking for in a teacher.

This easy-to-use guidebook is an excellent resource for teachers that will inspire you with new ideas to use the next time you teach. It will equip you with the resources to bring passion and creativity to the classroom—things that are effective for students of all ages.

Houston Heflin is an assistant professor at Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas. He teaches in the undergraduate Bible department, the Graduate School of Theology, and the Honors College. He is a member of the North American Professors of Christian Education and the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality. He is a volunteer teacher at his church and hosts teacher equipping seminars with churches across the United States. You can reach him at teachingeutychus@gmail.com.

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