• Sweet Relief: How the Gospel Frees Us from a Life of Striving

Sweet Relief: How the Gospel Frees Us from a Life of Striving

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“I am not enough.”

Embrace the power of these four words that can free you from a lifestyle of striving.

There are many areas in life where we strive to be enough: jobs, relationships, personal disciplines—the list goes on. In a culture that celebrates and encourages a work-to-earn mentality, it is no surprise that this same, formulaic pattern has bled into our faith. It is easy to become trapped in the exhausting cycle of trying to be good enough for God. But God is not after our well-polished performance but rather our full assurance in the sufficiency of his Son!

As a longtime church gal, Kaitlin knows the struggle of feeling caught in a perpetual lifestyle of trying to please God and others through outward behavior. In Sweet Relief, Kaitlin tackles four prevalent false gospels that can keep us stuck in our cycles of striving. She reintroduces us to the simple gospel that banks on the grace of God rather than our own sufficiency. The reader will walk away confident that their standing with God is not centered on the good things they can do for him but on the finished work of Jesus who has already won it all on their behalf.

We aren’t perfect people. We can exhale when we don’t measure up. Because our hope is not in what we do but in the reality that he is enough.

Kaitlin Garrison is a twenty-something gal who has been gripped by grace and set free in ways she still can’t get over. Kaitlin is an author, speaker, songwriter, women’s ministry leader, and second grade teacher who loves sharing about the grace of God through many creative outlets. She is passionate about the next generation of women knowing the truth of the gospel so it can set them free to know Jesus and follow him with their lives. Kaitlin lives with her fiery, red-headed husband, Lance, in a small town in New Mexico with their two dogs.

“The struggle to ‘do enough’ and ‘be enough’ for God has been the reality of my life over the years. Sweet Relief puts words to this tension we can all face and reveals the one thing we’ve been missing all along—the love of Jesus! Filled with truth and hope, there is freedom to be found in these pages!”

—Ruth Schwenk, coauthor of Trusting God in All the Things and Founder of TheBetterMom.com

“This book is like savoring a warm cup of coffee with a friend. Kaitlin speaks straight to the heart of the try-hard life and points you to Christ who did all the work required. Her words will challenge, encourage, and cheer you on as you rest in the freedom of the gospel.”

—Michelle Rabon, author of Holy Mess

“This vibrant storyteller recounts the exhausting journey that millions of women—and also men like my two coendorsers—have felt trapped in. Invest a few hours with Kaitlin Garrison and you may well experience Sweet Relief the rest of your life.”

—Brittany Sawrey, Director of Content, Trueface; author of Two Roads, Crazy Making, and Healing Relationships

—Robby Angle, President, Trueface; author of The Cure for Groups

—Dr. Bruce McNicol, President Emeritus, Trueface; coauthor of The Cure


“It’s possible to have just enough of Jesus not to need him. Just enough knowledge, just enough language, just enough of the lifestyle to have the appearance of Christianity without the abundant life God intended. Thankfully, Katilin Garrison won’t let us settle. Drawing on stories from her own life and wise biblical insight, Kaitlin is waking us up to the freedom we were created. If you are a lifelong Christian who keeps wondering if there is something more, you will find the answer in these pages.”

—Sharon Hodde Miller, author of Nice: Why We Love to Be Liked and How God Calls Us to More

ISBN 9781684265015

Pages 192

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