• Sundays with Scottie

Sundays with Scottie

$ 11.99

by Milton Jones

Scottie was short, so short that you could simply look right over him if you weren't careful. And he tended to have an otherwordly look about him, a wildness in his countenance. You would swear that he must have been a creation of Maurice Sendak and sent from Where The Wild Things Are.

Scottie was born with cerebral palsy. The author spent twenty years of Sundays with him. He was Scottie's minister. His best friend. This book shares what he gleaned from those years. If you get it, you will be happier. You will find contentment. Through this strange story of a small guy in Seattle, you too may find the hidden treasure you have been seeking.

Milton Jones ministers with the Northwest Church of Christ in Seattle, WA and speaks frequently at seminars and conferences. His most recent books are How to Love Someone You Can't Stand (1998) and Grace--The Heart of the Fire (1991). 

ISBN: 9780972842549

Pages: 142

Dimensions (inches): 8 x 5

Weight (pounds): 0.35

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