• Stress-Less Living: God-Centered Solutions When You're Stretched Too Thin

Stress-Less Living: God-Centered Solutions When You're Stretched Too Thin

$ 15.99

by Tracie Miles

Released 8/24/2021

We all have a desperate longing for a stress cure. In this breakthrough book, Tracie Miles helps you unload the pressure cooker of life and learn to rely on the peace that Christ promises to all who come to him.
Stress-Less Living offers life-changing, heart-renewing, long-lasting remedies that will bring peace, even when things feel out of control. Many today receive temporary stress relief from things like meditation, relaxation strategies, breathing exercises, and support groups. Tracie, however, unpacks the truth found in Scripture about how to overcome fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, and shows you how you can not only survive stress but thrive in spite of it through faith in the promises of God.

Tracie Miles is the author of five best-selling books and the Director of COMPEL Writers Training at Proverbs 31 Ministries. She is a monthly contributor for Proverbs 31’s Encouragement for Today daily devotions that reach over one million people per day around the globe, as well as a contributing author to the popular Zondervan NIV Women’s Devotional Bible. Tracie has three grown children and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. You can connect with Tracie on all social media platforms and on her blog at www.traciemiles.com.

“Stress is suffocating; yet many of us normalize living in a constant state of overwhelm. Tracie invites us to breathe in the fresh air of freedom. This timely resource offers vulnerable personal stories, valuable practical insights, and biblical principles to help us embrace rest and recover peace. Your soul will thank you!”
—Angela Donadio, author and host of the Make Life Matter podcast

“Tracie Miles is a reformed ‘stress-aholic.’ She deeply understands the causes of stress that debilitate so many people and keep them from living happy, contented lives. Tracie’s wisdom and insightful perspectives can transform those unhappy souls who have everything yet yearn for more.”
—Rick Johnson, bestselling author of Better Dads, Stronger Sons.


ISBN 9781684260027

Pages 240

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