• Streams of Mercy: Amos: A Cry for Justice

Streams of Mercy: Amos: A Cry for Justice

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by Stuart L. Love

Insights into the book of Amos.

Eight centuries before Jesus Christ walked this earth, a prophet named Amos denounced the society he saw around him. What he condemned in and around ancient Israel—the wealthy oppressing the poor, idolatry corrupting worship, and a host of other vices—parallels to a remarkable degree our own society's conditions. In this short, well-written study, Stuart Love takes the reader through a directed reading of the entire book of Amos, offering the seeker opportunities to reflect on both the ancient text and its applications for the 21st-century world.

Stuart Love teaches religion and Greek at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California and edits the journal Leaven. He has ministered for over 40 years in churches across the United States. He has written and published extensively, on topics ranging from the roles of women in the early church to ecclesiology in the Gospel of John.

ISBN: 9780891122654

Pages: 54

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