• Still Me: Life as a Work in Progress

Still Me: Life as a Work in Progress

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By John Alan Turner

He thought he’d be better at this Christianity thing by now.

All his life, John Alan Turner has wanted to be different, to be better than who he is, to improve. Instead, he helped plant a church that folded within a year. He got divorced. He was diagnosed with depression. His car was rear-ended and totaled, which left him with life-altering injuries. It seemed like the harder he pushed to become the person he was supposed to be, the farther away it fled. And now, here he is after all these years, saying, “I’m still me.”

But in his journey, he has learned difficult lessons about stillness, about surrender, about silence. In Still Me, Turner helps readers examine their own lives and the difference between the life they thought they would have if they tried hard enough and the transformed life God offers to each one of us if we have the courage to sit still and surrender to the silence.

John Alan Turner is a writer, a theologian, a leadership consultant, and a teacher recognized for his ability to present the story of God intelligently and humorously. Having grown up in Southern California, he studied at Pepperdine University, Hope International University, and the London School of Theology, earning a Masters in Social Psychology and a Masters in Theology, narrowly avoiding a PhD in Religion and Philosophy. He has authored six books and co-hosts the popular podcast Not So Black & White. John lives in a quiet cul-de-sac in suburban Atlanta and enjoys cooking, baseball, and reading.

ISBN 9780891125754

Pages 176

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