• Stewarding Our Bodies: A Vision for Christian Student Affairs

Stewarding Our Bodies: A Vision for Christian Student Affairs

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Most college students struggle tremendously with their bodies.

Numerous issues related to the body plague higher education. Students struggle with sleep, mental health, eating disorders, sexual identity questions, clothing choices, obesity, and alcohol problems, among other concerns. Too often Christian colleges try to meet these challenges with rules instead of setting forth a vision of what it means to steward the body—a precious gift from God that has been bought with a price by Christ.

Students, faculty, and staff at faith-based institutions need a theological framework and biblical wisdom by which they can better understand, nurture, and celebrate life in all its fullness. Stewarding Our Bodies draws from the expertise and experiences
of researchers and practitioners both within and outside higher education to provide relevant insights and suggestions for those who desire to help students better bear God’s image. Most important of all, it sets forth a positive vision by which to understand the precious gift God has entrusted to us—our bodies.

Perry L. Glanzer is a Professor of Educational Foundations at Baylor University, a Resident Scholar with Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion, and Editor-in-Chief of Christian Scholar’s Review. He is the coauthor, author, or editor of over a dozen books, including Identity in Action, Christ Enlivened Student Affairs, The Dismantling of Moral Education, and Identity Excellence.

Austin T. Smith is a doctoral candidate in the higher education studies and leadership program at Baylor University and previously served as a resident director at Pepperdine University. In addition to his current work, Austin has served as the Associate Editor in Chief of Growth: The Journal of the Association for Christians in Student Development.

“By rightly situating perspectives about stewarding the body in biblical theology, the authors set our thinking and our practice on solid ground. Each chapter contains well-researched insights and thoughtfully developed recommendations. In a time when moral development and spiritual formation of our students is so critical, this resource will inform my direct work with students and the leadership of my student life team.”

—Edee Schulze, Vice President for Student Life, Westmont College

“Perry Glanzer and Austin Smith have put together an invaluable resource for those working with college students. This volume is very thorough and provides great insights into some of the more difficult issues college students are facing. It provides a biblical framework, a thoughtful understanding, and practical approaches to help engage students in these important topics. The authors included represent a great mix of scholars and practitioners. This book will quickly become a must for anyone working in Christian Higher Education. Thanks for a job well done.“

—Skip Trudeau, Vice President for Student Development and Intercollegiate Athletics, Taylor University

“In the current raft of research books for Student Affairs professionals, stewardship of the body as God’s temple seems dimly distant in the shadows. Glanzer and Smith pull together a collection of lively and accessible essays that brightly turn the lights on to a theologically grounded and comprehensive understanding and practice of stewarding the body. This book is a ‘must read’ for Christian higher education scholars, student affairs professionals, administrative leaders, and their students!”

—Steve Ivester, Dean for Student Engagement, Wheaton College

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