• Sinai Summit: Meeting God with Our Character Crisis

Sinai Summit: Meeting God with Our Character Crisis

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by Rick Atchley

The greatest problem in America today is a character deficit. And the greatest need is to find an ethical code that will guide and sustain us in any and every circumstance—an absolute value system on which we can build our lives and our communities.

As long as we continue to use ourselves as the standard for right and wrong, the quest for character will fail. We need to return to the Sinai Summit. There, as we encounter God's holy presence, we begin to understand that God alone is the moral center, the only eternal standard of good. In the Ten Commandments—God's Code of Ethics—we find a moral creed by which we can become people of character.

In this bold and inspiring book, Rick Atchley takes us back to the Sinai Summit. He shows how God's timeless words—the Ten Commandments—speak to today's world, and how they can give us the foundation for a healthy and fulfilled life.

Excellent for Bible classes and study groups. Discussion questions included for each chapter.

Rick Atchley is the author of several books and long time minister at the Richland Hills Church of Christ in the DallasFort Worth metroplex.

ISBN: 9780972842518

Pages: 240

Dimensions (inches): 8.25 x 5.5

Weight (pounds): 0.75

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