• Shift: Changing Our Focus to See the Presence of God

Shift: Changing Our Focus to See the Presence of God

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By Abby McDonald

If we want to see God in the midst of our struggles, we have to change the way we look for him.

There is no denying that miracles, answers to prayer, and abundant blessings testify to God’s presence. When the desires of our hearts are filled, it’s easy to see him. But what about the seasons when he seems invisible? Scripture tells us God never sleeps, but it is easy to feel like he is not attuned to our needs. Shift explores the life-changing truth that when we adjust our lens to focus our eyes on God rather than on what we wish we were seeing in our lives, he reveals himself to us. In fact, those moments when he seems invisible to us are often when others see him the most in us.

When Jesus walked the earth, he looked to God for his earthly needs. Jesus had deep a relationship with the Father that fueled his mission, his purpose, and his effectiveness. Scripture tells us that we can have that too. But there is a shift that needs to take place in our hearts and minds. No matter our circumstances, we can see God in our lives—right here, right now.

Abby McDonald is a blogger, speaker, wife, and mom whose work has been featured on (in)Courage, For Every Mom, iBelieve, Crosswalk, and more. Her passion is to empower women to grow in faith and hope, even when life is messy. She earned a BA in English from the University of South Carolina and teaches writing workshops both online and at conferences each year. Abby lives with her husband and three children in western Maryland. Connect with her at www.abbymcdonald.org.

“For those who question if God cares what they are going through, Abby McDonald's wise and thoughtful insights provide a perspective shift to discouraged hearts. Learn to hang on to hope through difficult circumstances as you see God's trustworthy nature displayed with each turn of the page."

Katie M. Reid, author of Made Like Martha: Good News for the Woman Who Gets Things Done 

“Abby comes alongside her reader like a safe friend, inviting you to step out of the fog and see the road in front of you with new eyes. Her vulnerable stories reminded me God has not forgotten my heartache, and he is whispering grace over me even when my spiritual sight is limited. Shift will help you change your perspective and move forward through the hard seasons of life with renewed hope.”

Lyli Dunbar, speaker, life coach, and writer for the Proverbs 31 Ministries First 5 App and at Love God Greatly

“Fresh and loving insight that goes straight to the heart. Abby will stun you with her inspiring words anchored in biblical truth. A lighthouse of hope!” 

Jami Amerine, author of Stolen Jesus and Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors 

 “Abby McDonald’s heart for her readers is evident in her every word. Genuine and gentle, she leads us to a place where we can shift our lenses to see God’s presence in all moments—good, bad, and in between. Because, as much as we like to focus on the highs and lows, God longs to meet us in the middle. Abby’s practical approach in Shift will help you see him there.”

Kelly O’Dell Stanley, author of Praying Upside DownDesigned to Pray, and InstaPrayer

“As new believers or seasoned Christ-followers, we all have times when we struggle to maintain the right perspective. In Shift, Abby McDonald opens our eyes to the freedom we can have through a change in focus. Abby communicates as if she were sitting right here in my living room, and I can feel her genuine desire to help others grow in Christ. I can’t wait to introduce her message to our women’s ministry!”

Kristine Brown, author of Over It. Conquering Comparison to Live Out God’s Plan and Over It. Devotional for Teen Girls

“In a world that is constantly vying for our attention, it can be hard to focus on the one thing that most matters: God. Shift artfully met my heart with relatable stories, insightful Scripture, and fresh perspectives, many beckoning me to come closer to Jesus. As I turned page after page, there were various times that I had to stop and laugh, consider and ponder, or underline and write notes in the margin. I really enjoyed Abby’s heartfelt message and storytelling.”

Kelly Balarie, speaker, blogger at Purposeful Faith, and author of Fear Fighting and Battle Ready

“Perspective is everything. As Shift illustrates, changing our focus is a gift that can empower a radical faith. Beneath her quiet, graceful demeanor, McDonald emerges here as a dynamic writer with a powerful message about the necessity of seeking God’s presence in every season and situation of our lives. Inspiring readers with her own life stories along with practical, biblical principles, McDonald encourages that no matter the struggle, you can discover a deeper wisdom and a stronger faith in the process that will transform your life. Sometimes all it takes is one small shift.

Lisa Murray, licensed marriage and family therapist and author of Peace for a Lifetime: Embracing a Life of Hope, Wholeness, and Harmony through Emotional Abundance

ISBN 9781684263103

Pages 224

Dimensions (inches) 5.5 x 8.25

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