• Scripture First: Biblical Interpretation that Fosters Christian Unity

Scripture First: Biblical Interpretation that Fosters Christian Unity

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Edited by Daniel B. Oden and J. David Stark
—with Foreword by Mark Hamilton

How does Scripture read Scripture, and can the church follow that lead?

Scripture or tradition? The things of God or the things of men? It’s easy, especially in the long shadow of the Reformation, to pit Scripture against tradition as enemies. After all, the goal of orienting one’s faith to the Bible alone can be so alluring.

But the Bible itself suggests there is a fundamental unity between Scripture and the tradition it embodies. Rightly appreciating this unity can set the stage for more faithful and robust engagement with Scripture. Today’s polarized world needs thoughtful Christians who can reasonably consider their faith in light of what the Bible actually says.

Scripture First examines where tradition comes from and how you can avoid trivial proof texting. Discover how the Old and New Testament can serve as a living and active resource for Christian life, and how God continues to leads his people as they engage his Word.

DANIEL B. ODEN is an associate professor of Hebrew Bible at Harding University.Daniel received his PhD in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern studies from New York University. He has contributed to A Comparative Handbook to the Gospel of Mark and an article in Hebrew and Beyond.

J. DAVID STARK is the Winnie and Cecil May Jr. Biblical Research Fellow at the Kearley
Graduate School of Theology at Faulkner University. David has published several articles and essays, as well as a monograph on how Paul read Scripture in his Second Temple context. For more from David, visit his website at


ISBN 9781684260911

Pages 192

Dimensions (inches) 5.5 x 8.25

Vendor: ACU Press

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