• Reconciliation Reconsidered: Advancing the Conversation on Race in Churches of Christ

Reconciliation Reconsidered: Advancing the Conversation on Race in Churches of Christ

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by Tanya Smith Bryce

Reconciliation Takes Time.

A broad racial divide mars Churches of Christ, and courageous leaders from across the United States have joined together to listen to one another. Rather than adopt a posture of resignation, they have met for honest, God-honoring conversation.

In Reconciliation Reconsidered, Tanya Brice pulls together the early fruit she has gleaned from this ongoing conversation about racial reconciliation. Learn about yourself in the context of community as you explore these key ideas:

  • Exercise truth-telling: it's what is needed before any reconciliation can happen
  • Discover how race relations are not as simple as you think
  • Challenge your stereotypes
  • Understand the meaning of current events like the Ferguson shooting in fresh ways
  • Revisit Christ's teachings with a careful eye toward discipleship and love of your neighbor

Each chapter concludes with discussion questions that can help you and others navigate this perplexing and difficult topic.

Tanya Smith Brice is the Dean of the School of Health and Human Services at Benedict College.  A life-long member of Churches of Christ, she has served on the faculties of the University of South Carolina, Abilene Christian University, and Baylor University. She is a consultant for churches, non-profits, and educational institutions as they investigate the impact of their policies on African American families.

  • David Fleer
  • Doug Foster
  • Phyllis Hildreth
  • Richard Hughes
  • Brad McKinnon
  • Don McLaughlin
  • Yukikazu Obatu
  • Lawrence Rodgers
  • Jerry Taylor
  • Stanley Tyrone Talbert
  • John Mark Tucker
  • William Lofton Turner

"This book has something to say and it deserves to be heard by all followers of Jesus. e author has gathered together outstanding scholars who speak with truth and candor—all couched in love—and give us further perspective on the issue of race relations in the Christian community."

—Royce Money, Chancellor Abilene Christian University

"A powerful collection of essays about the very heart of the American character: religion and race. is important volume does exactly as it proposes to do—advance the national conversation on race. Beautifully edited, this volume is a must read for anyone interested in better understanding race and faith in the United States."

—Michael O. Emerson, co-author of Divided by Faith and United by Faith

ISBN: 9780891123880

Pages: 224

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