• Reclaiming a Heritage, Updated and Expanded Edition: Reflections on the Heart, Soul, and Future of Churches of Christ

Reclaiming a Heritage, Updated and Expanded Edition: Reflections on the Heart, Soul, and Future of Churches of Christ

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By Richard Hughes

Release Date: May 14, 2019

Can Churches of Christ Be Saved?

At the turn of the millennium, Reclaiming a Heritage, a small book with a powerful message, examined the future and changing identity of Churches of Christ, exploring the rich biblical resources that once anchored this tradition and could anchor it still. However, many in Churches of Christ have become increasingly comfortable wearing cultural blinders, resulting in a distortion of the movement’s original vision. This new edition of Reclaiming a Heritage invites Christians to consider a radical answer from the past—that true of disciples of Jesus must vigorously stand against cultural compromises in favor of God’s Word.

Richard Hughes is Scholar in Residence in the College of Bible and Ministry at Lipscomb University and is the author, coauthor, or editor of more than a dozen books, including Reviving the Ancient Faith: The Story of Churches of Christ in America.

“To be called ‘disciples’ has always been a significant dimension of the Stone-Campbell Movement, but Richard Hughes situates this important theme in the context of the kingdom theology of Stone, Lipscomb, and Harding. This book reclaims the historic DNA of Churches of Christ, advocates for it, and calls us into it. Hughes reimagines our tradition so that the kingdom might flourish among us.”

John Mark Hicks, Professor of Theology, Lipscomb University, and coauthor of Kingdom Come

“In these essays, Richard Hughes issues a heartfelt call to reclaim a vision of the kingdom of God, a vision that admits the human limitations of ignorance, history, and sin, and rejects any attempt to manage or tame the Almighty. If Churches of Christ are to survive, they need to hear this radical plea for a countercultural ethical vision.”

Gary Holloway, Executive Director of World Convention and author of Unfinished Reconciliation

“In this volume, Hughes powerfully demonstrates how an understanding of our history can help us be ‘more biblical, more faithful to the cross, and more devoted to the cause of God.’ Not content merely to tell what happened, Hughes pushes readers to see the implications of our history for both individuals and churches. Focusing on competing ways we have interpreted Scripture, he proposes a radical remedy to our cultural accommodation, lack of voice for social justice, and abandonment of the original vision for restoration. His love for Churches of Christ is clear as he calls us to reclaim the strengths of our heritage in order to be all God would have us be.”

Douglas A. Foster, University Scholar in Residence, Abilene Christian University

“For many years now, Richard Hughes—an insightful historian as well as a devoted church leader—has helped to shape my understanding of this heritage into which I was born. This book, a logical follow-up to Reviving the Ancient Faith, is no exception. Hughes cuts to the chase, asking the critical questions: What were the strengths of the restoration vision? Is the vision still valid? Is Scripture to be read as a blueprint or as a narrative? How can we resist the siren voices of our culture, choosing instead radical, cross-shaped lives? This insightful book needs to be read.”

Mike Cope, Director of Ministry Outreach, Pepperdine University

ISBN 9781684263905

Pages 200

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