• Re\entry: How Pain, Roots, and Rhythm Guide Us from Darkness to Light

Re\entry: How Pain, Roots, and Rhythm Guide Us from Darkness to Light

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by Josh Ross

Foreword by Randy Frazee


Re\Entry takes us on a journey many miles above the Arctic Circle to discover new ways to reimagine joy, hope, and adventure as visible possibilities that are always within reach.

As vital as the message of entry is to the Christian faith, many Christians are also desperate for a message of reentry after many seasons of doubt, confusion, bondage to the past, severed relationships, loss, depression, and stress. From places of darkness and shadows, God reveals himself as the one who enters into our pain both as a companion who walks with us through our trials and as the one who is eager to eventually lead us into a healthier place.

In January 2014, Josh Ross traveled to Barrow, Alaska, to interact with a community that experiences over sixty-five days of darkness every winter. His time there revealed how essential the principles of reentry, roots, and rhythm are to our survival and health far beyond the Arctic Circle.


Josh Ross is the Lead Minister at Sycamore View Church in Memphis, Tennessee. He is married to his best friend, Kayci, and they have two boys, Truitt and Noah. He is the author of Scarred Faith and coauthor of Bringing Heaven to Earth. He loves playing and watching sports, vacationing with his wife, and eating authentic Mexican food. He is a recovering Texan who is learning to thrive in Memphis with a church committed to restoring justice, opportunity, and dignity in Memphis and beyond.


"Take it from someone who knows, it's never easy to re-emerge after a season of unspeakable pain. I wish during my own dark seasons I would have had this life-giving book by my friend Josh Ross. I'm grateful for this valuable resource to point others to. There is light ahead and Josh will help you experience it."
Gene Appel, Senior Pastor, Eastside Christian Church, Anaheim, CA

"Our lives forever changed, on February 22, 1988, when I came out of the darkness of drug addiction into the light of Jesus Christ. Recovery is a major theme throughout Josh's new book, Re\entry. If you are in darkness, there is hope to find purpose in your life. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you are in recovery. The Bible calls it sanctification. But maybe your mission has become cloudy. You won't leave unchanged reading, Re\entry. You will see how entry and reentry draws us into the heart of God and into us having more meaningful lives."
Mac Owen, Celebrate Recovery National Director, and Mary Owen, Celebrate Recovery National Training Coach Director

"From one of the coldest and darkest places on earth, Josh Ross enlightens readers with an incredible insight. Re\entry is a wonderful guide through the dark times, thirsty droughts and cold spells of our lives and helps us find the peace that comes from the true Light of the world. Get this book and reap it's blessings for your life!"
Al Robertson, Author/Speaker from A&E’s Duck Dynasty, and author of A New Season

"None of us need an academic guide through the darkness. It's easy to have all the answers when you've only experienced the light. We want a guide who's faced the fears of darkness and lived to tell about it. I've learned through the years that we can't fully appreciate the brightness and beauty of the light without experiencing the darkness. I highly recommend this book from Josh because he's qualified experientially and biblically to be your guide to the light."
Chris Conlee, Senior Pastor High Point Church, and author of Love Works (February, 2018)

"I believe vulnerability breeds intimacy. And by the time you turn the last page of this book, you will feel like you've shared an incredible conversation over a wonderful meal with the author. More importantly, you'll leave the table knowing you're not alone, because everyone who takes a seat at God's table is after the same thing—healing. Pain is the common language of humanity. Our world is fluent in suffering and Josh does an incredible job of helping us understand it's purpose. You won't regret reading this book."
Jon Weece, Senior Pastor, Southland Christian Church, Lexington, Kentucky

"Re\entry is a must read book that shines the light on how people can overcome the affects having become accustomed to darkness. There is a desire for each of us to walk in light but not knowing how to make the readjustments. Josh Ross does an amazing job showing us how to walk in the light. This book raises the light of God's gracious truth at a level that is restorative and enlightening. A must read for all of trying to reenter after a season of darkness."
Dr. Stacy Spencer, Senior Pastor, New Directions Christian Church, Memphis

"He's not a travel agent telling you about places he's never been before. Josh Ross is no stranger to pain, rooted in the gospel of Jesus, and embodies the sacred rhythms of which he writes. Re\entry is refreshingly candid, biblically faithful, and preeminently helpful for anyone looking to sustain a new beginning in their lives.''
Chris Seidman, Lead Minister, The Branch Church, author of Heaven on Earth: realizing the good life now

"A wonderful exploration of God's relentless invitation to pursue a life of hope, adventure, and joy. I highly recommend it.''
Ian Morgan Cron, author of bestselling book Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me and The Road Back to You

"Any pastoral book worth its salt comes from the crucible of experience and suffering. Josh tells a great story, with a pastoral heart for others who are searching for their way out of the darkness."
Drew and Ellie Holcomb, Recording Artists

"With a passion for people fostered by a deep love for the gospel, Josh Ross takes us on an epic journey of grace in Re\entry. You'll discover and experience the truth that no one is beyond God's redemption. It doesn't matter who you are, what you've done, or how many times you've failed, God's grace allows for endless second chances."
Caleb Kaltenbach, Lead Pastor, Discovery Church & author of Messy Grace and God of Tomorrow

"The Paschal mystery, living and dying and rising, has been the guiding rhythm of my life since I was thirty-seven. But until I read Joshua Ross' work in Re\entry I had not fully considered the power of the transitions within the rhythm. Ross’ personable account draws the reader in and asks us to consider what it truly means to move from darkness into light. We all share that journey and Josh gives us the language and understanding we need to embrace it within ourselves and appreciate it in others."
Suzanne Stabile, Co-founder and Animator of Life in the Trinity Ministry, Co-author of The Road Back To You

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