• The Quest for Unity: An Appeal for Oneness Among All Believers in Christ

The Quest for Unity: An Appeal for Oneness Among All Believers in Christ

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by Gene Shelburne

"As Jesus neared the end of his life, he prayed for the unity of all who believe in him: "I pray...that all of them may be one...that the world may believe that you have sent me" (John 17:20-23).

Have we answered that prayer? Not by a long shot! I am astonished that Jesus put the fulfillment of his prayer for unity in the hands of the flawed, fractious people like us. But he did.

Unity—the answer to Jesus' prayer—is what this book is about. I knew early on that the author had a lover's quarrel with his heritage. But from the get go I also knew there was something different about him. I've known a lot of people who had issues with their heritage. Many of them were angry. Bitter.

You'll find none of that spirit in this book. The author is grateful for his roots. He views his past with love, respect, and loyalty. Issues? You bet. Animosity? Not a smidgen...

- Joe Barnett, from the Foreword.

Gene Shelburne wears an amazing assortment of hats, serving one hour as columnist, the next as a writer of sermons, and another as a doting grandfather. For forty-six years he has served as pulpit minister of the Anna Street Church of Christ in Amarillo, Texas. His column, Cross Currents, runs in half a dozen newspapers. He edits and publishes a nationally circulated monthly devotional magazine, The Christian Appeal. He has written four previous books and a substantial part of half a dozen others. Having been wed for more than 56 years, Gene and his wife proudly claim a daughter, two sons, and thirteen splendid grandchildren.

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Pages: 192

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