• Principles of the Reformation

Principles of the Reformation

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by Robert Richardson

A classic summary of the guiding principles of the early Stone-Campbell movement.

Dr. Robert Richardson stood in a special place. As an editor for the leading journal of the day, the Millennial Harbinger, as professor at Bethany College, and as Campbell's personal physician, Richardson had his hand on the theological pulse of the movement during its formative years.

In 1852, Richardson collected several of his articles into a small book. His goal was to present clearly and simply the basic principles that shaped what he called the "present Reformation." Though widely read in the 1850s, the work was lost in the turbulence that swept churches after the Civil War.

With this new edition, the surprising and radical proposals of Alexander Campbell, Walter Scott, and others are now offered to contemporary readers. In a time when issues about identity are being asked in Churches of Christ and Christian Churches, Richard's principles speak with remarkable relevance, clarity, and hope.

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