• A Parent's Guide to the Christian College: Supporting Your Child's Mind and Spirit during the College Years

A Parent's Guide to the Christian College: Supporting Your Child's Heart, Soul, and Mind during the College Years

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by Todd C. Ream, Timothy W. Hermann, & C. Skip Trudeau

A handbook for parents sending their kids off to Christian colleges and universities, offering insight into the academic and spiritual landscape that students enter and that parents need to understand.

Every year, tens of thousands of parents send their children off to Christian colleges and universities, investing in the professional and spiritual growth that such institutions offer. But what happens next? A Parent's Guide to the Christian College gives answers to parents who want to know just where they're sending their children and their money. Other guides for parents of college students give information on the secular college experience, but this book provides important insight into the more comprehensive world of Christian education.

Challenging parents to reconsider their understandings of what it means to be a more fully developed person in light of Christian faith, this book takes a theological approach that celebrates the presence of parents in the lives of their daughters and sons while exploring what that presence should look like during the transition to adulthood. Parents and students alike will benefit from A Parent's Guide to the Christian College, which is designed to help parents more effectively support their children and understand the Christian college's unique role in nurturing holistic and transformational education.

Todd C. Ream (Ph.D., Penn State) is the senior scholar for faith and scholarship and associate professor of humanities with the John Wesley Honors College at Indiana Wesleyan University. He has served in a number of roles in student development. His previous books include Christian Faith and Scholarship and Christianity and Moral Identity in Higher Education (both with Perry L. Glanzer).

Timothy W. Herrmann (Ph.D., Indiana State) is associate professor of Higher Education and the Chair of the Master of Arts in Higher Education program at Taylor University. He has served in a number of roles in student development and is a former president of the Association for Christians in Student Development (ACSD). He serves as the co-editor (with C. Skip Trudeau) for Growth: The Journal of the Association for Christians in Student Development.

C. Skip Trudeau (Ed.D., Indiana) is the dean of student development at Taylor University. He has served in a number of roles in student development and is a former president of the Association for Christians in Student Development (ACSD). He serves as the co-editor (with Timothy W. Herrmann) for Growth: The Journal of the Association for Christians in Student Development.

"Whether you're shepherding a junior through applications, unloading his belongings into a freshman dorm, or nervously pondering his readiness for academic rigors and extracurricular temptations, A Parent's Guide to the Christian College offers a wonderful resource. The authors bring a wealth of classroom and administrative experience to these reflections on student growth and parental involvement."

- From a review in Christianity Today, August 2011

"Exploring the spiritual, intellectual and social dimensions of student development, they affirm that the Christian college exists not merely to mold minds or provide professional training, but also to cultivate Christian character."

- The Christian Chronicle

"This Parent's Guide to the Christian College offers abundant wisdom about how thoughtful Christian parents can foster the growth of their son or daughter as they attend a Christian college. The authors present a compelling holistic vision of the development of the college student, and of how loving parents can support that growth. They give concrete tools of insight and information that can help parents avoid stunting their child's growth through negligence or, at the opposite extreme, by functioning as enmeshed 'helicopter parents' who do too much for their child. This book can be a thoughtful guide for your efforts as a parent as you seek to extend God's work in the life of your child through the higher education experience."

- Dr. Stanton L. Jones, Provost, Wheaton College

"Every parent who reads this book will have the tools to help maximize their child's time in college. Todd Reem, Tim Herrmann, and Skip Trudeau cover the breath of campus life with fresh research and engaging case studies that provide parents a behind-the-scenes look at the Christian college. Parents not only gain an understanding of what to expect during the college years, but now have specific talking (and listening) points for those upcoming calls, texts, and tweets from their child."

- Kimberly C. Thornbury, Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students, Union University

"Written by three respected and well-known veterans of Christian higher education, this excellent book is indispensable for parents who want the most from their child's Christian college experience. The authors are both practical and empathetic in providing a foundation that explains and values the holistic development of college students. As a parent, you will be encouraged and inspired by the insights that will inform your relationship with your son or daughter. You will also gain valuable advice about interacting with the college he or she attends."

- Brad Lau, Vice President for Student Life, George Fox University

"This is much more than a parent's guide to the Christian college. It is a landmark text providing the reader with an in-depth understanding of the potential of the Christian College experience. It offers the tools needed to discern which Christian college, out of the hundreds that exist, promises the best fit for student and family. It is packed full of wisdom on how parents can support and challenge their children as they move through the college years. The credibility of this book rests solidly on the Christian faith and practical experience of its authors as well as their splendid use of current research in higher education. This is a must read for parents, admissions recruiters, faculty, and student development professionals."

- Barry J. Loy, Vice President of Student Development and Dean of Students, Gordon College

"Todd, Tim, and Skip have written a remarkable book that will extend your parenting into a full partnership with the Christian college your child is attending. They want you to know that this sacred journey of young adults through the successes, failures, crises, and triumphs of the college experience can ultimately lead to mature and faithful college graduates well positioned to accomplish God's call on their life. This book should be required reading for all parents who want that same outcome."

- Jon Wallace
President, Azuza Pacific University

"Todd Ream, Tim Herrmann, and Skip Trudeau are three outstanding colleagues who have not only thought deeply about the potential impact of Christian higher education, but also have hands-on, practical experience watching students develop their minds and spirits during the college years. They are wise leaders, thoughtful scholars, and Christ-centered professionals. Read this book and learn how you can help your students thrive, then get ready to see your sons and daughters transformed. What an amazing journey college is!"

- Jane Hideko Higa, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students, Westmont College

"What a thoughtful and needed resource this Parent's Guide will be for those of us in Christian higher education as we speak with parents about what to expect in their student's Christian college experience! I've been at this for twenty-five years, and reading it was helpful for me to review and affirm what I love about what we do. It is also a great reminder of the parent's role in helping make this a great experience for their student."

- Mark Troyer, Vice President for Student Development, Asbury College

"Finally, here is a book that brings parents and students to the table concerning the holistic purpose of Christian higher education. A Parent's Guide to the Christian College will enable parents and students to understand the conversation about the purpose of Christian higher education and become appropriate advocates for that purpose. This is the type of parent and student advocacy I openly welcome."

- Christopher T. Abrams, Vice President of Student Development, Malone University

"This valuable book provides clarity on how college will impact parent's most sacred 'resource'--their children. It provides a clear window into how students develop at college, particularly at a Christian college. Maybe more importantly, it also gives guidance on how parents can partner with college educators to maximize the experience."

- Stephen T. Beers
Vice President for Student Development, John Brown University

"From success in the classroom to finding a spiritual community, the authors comprehensively analyze the domains of college life and offer practical guidance for parents wanting to help their children engage in a college experience that combines excellence in academics with a nurturing Christian community. A Parent's Guide to the Christian College features a powerful, in-depth discussion of the value of placing common worship at the center of collegiate life. In short, the authors have fashioned a valuable tool for thoughtful Christian parents at a time when Christian higher education seeks to emphasize the integral connection between faith and knowledge."

- Ken Starr, President, Baylor University, & Former Court of Appeals Judge, Solicitor General, and Independent Counsel

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