• Owning Faith: Reimagining the Role of Church and Family in the Faith of Teenagers

Owning Faith: Reimagining the Role of Church and Family in the Faith of Teenagers

$ 15.99

Edited by Dudley Chancey & Ron Bruner

Foreword by David Kinnaman

More than ever, young disciples want relationships with their parents and other adults; Owning Faith helps older disciples understand how to honor and nurture relationships that last a lifetime.

Today’s adolescents face an uphill climb as they seek to own their faith. And while it’s easy to think that what they really need is an expert, Owning Faith lets you in on God’s big secret: what they need more than anything else is you.

Owning Faith is an accessible guide into the adventure-filled spiritual journey of adolescents. If you would like to learn how to be a wise and compassionate companion who can make an eternal difference in the lives of youth, Owning Faith will show you how.

Ron Bruner has served as the executive director of Westview Boys’ Home in Hollis, Oklahoma, since 1999. Because of his interest in practical theology—especially in the fields of intergen- erational, children’s, and youth ministry—Ron edits the eJournal Discernment: Theology and the Practice of Ministry.

Dudley Chancey has served as professor of youth ministry at Oklahoma Christian University since 1998. He is involved in several professional organizations, including the National Council on Family Relations, Groves Conference on Marriage and Family, Association of Youth Ministry Educators, and the National Conference on Youth Ministries.

  • Ron Bruner
  • Dudley Chancey
  • Brad Childers
  • Ryan Fraser
  • David Fraze
  • Houston Heflin
  • Earl Lavender
  • Johnny Markham
  • Monty McCulley
  • Cari Myers
  • Robert Oglesby, Jr.
  • Dave Pocta
  • Beth Robinson
  • Walter Surdacki
  • Scott Talley

ISBN: 9780891124764

Pages: 304

Dimensions (inches): 8.5 x 5.5

Weight (pounds): 0.8

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