• Now Waiting: Hope for Today When All You Want is Tomorrow

Now Waiting: Hope for Today When All You Want is Tomorrow

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By Sarah Johnson

Your invitation to wait well in a world obsessed with having everything right now.

No one likes to wait. But no matter how hassle-free the world around us has become, some things take time. Still, beginnings are fun—finish lines, thrilling. We love and celebrate those mountaintop moments. Life in the middle, however, is often hard and boring, certainly nothing to celebrate. Yet Sarah has discovered that the best parts of life can actually be those very moments between where we are and where we want to be. Waiting is a vital part of our stories, and what we do with our times of waiting matter. Life isn’t about navigating around seasons of waiting. It is learning to embrace them. We have spent too much time believing that we are waiting because God has forgotten about us. God can teach us what it means to fully trust him with our lives if we are willing. In Now Waiting, Sarah will explains how you can:

• remain confident in the goodness of God when your season of waiting leaves you feeling discouraged, frustrated, and left out of God’s plan;
• embrace seasons of waiting as a time to thrive, not just to endure;
• and find hope in the promises of God for today and tomorrow, even when things aren’t going the way you planned.

Stop believing the lie that everyone else is living a better story. Live fully convinced of God’s plans for you, even during your next season of waiting.

Sarah Johnson has been inspiring women to live their truth and to follow the call of God for over a decade. Sarah is the host of her weekly Podcast, InfluenceHER, and blogs at sarahjohnson.co, encouraging women to hold tight to the promises of God. She will never turn down an invite for good coffee or authentic Mexican food and loves traveling to new places with her family. She juggles motherhood and ministry with grace, and while her life is filled to the brim, she wouldn’t have it any other way. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, B.J., and their children.

 None of us enjoy the waiting process, and often we are so busy looking ahead that we are frustrated in our current moment. Now Waiting is a great book to help us face the tension between where we want to be and where we are currently. Sarah’s writing is practical and real. You will feel as if you have a friend who is cheering you on!

Holly Wagner, founder of She Rises and Oasis Church, and author of Find Your Brave


The reality is that God is good no matter what. But just because God said he will do it doesn’t mean he said he will do it in our timing. So what do we do until then? This book challenges us to relish the seasons we are in and to be present in the waiting. Sarah encourages us to shift our perspective from ‘God, why aren’t you . . .’ to ‘God, what is it you’re doing right now? How can I grow?’

Andi Andrew, author, speaker, founder of She Is Free, and cofounder of Liberty Church Global

ISBN 9781684263400

Pages 192

Dimensions (inches) 5.5 x 8.25

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