• Not Who I Want to Be

Not Who I Want to Be

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by Glenn Sasscer

We have a longing and a thirst when we look past our worldly reflection . . . a thirst for something more. God created us in the divine image and likeness, and created a desire within us to be real and genuine. If you look to your inner reflection, are you truly who you want to be?

Being real, genuine, or who God calls us to be is not a destination . . . it is a lifestyle. This lifestyle begins by purposely recognizing the unfiltered and unchecked information stored away and accepted as part of our self-image and deliberately cleaning it out. To do this, we must have a standard for comparison.

Not Who I Want to Be begins by analyzing the external sources of our self-image and how these sources influence our lives. It then works through finding our truth in Scripture and in the example given to us in the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus becomes our standard and filter to find a true reflection and what it means to be real and genuine.

Glenn Sasscer is a minister, author, freelance writer, public speaker, and software trainer/consultant. He is ordained in Ohio and Michigan through the Alliance for Renewal Churches. Glenn has published novels, articles in numerous magazines, a religion column in a community newspaper, a Sunday school curriculum, and technical software manuals. He lives in Northwest Ohio with his wife and three teens.

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