• Not Off Limits: Questions You Wish You Could Ask at Church

Not Off Limits: Questions You Wish You Could Ask at Church

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by Ross Cochran

Complex issues are often avoided within the church. Many times difficult questions are greeted with defensive responses, eventually leading to arguments and division within a congregation. This book offers Christians the opportunity to explore, reflect, and discuss some of these hard questions together without judgment or conflict.

Not Off Limits allows the reader to think critically about some of the complex questions facing the church today without fear or discomfort. Christians must learn to see issues from various points of view as well as appreciate the genuine Christian devotion of the people with whom they differ. Not Off Limits teaches its readers to explore these issues together, since true unity cannot exist until it has weathered conflict.

Questions include:

  • Why is there so little unity among Christians?
  • How should we view Christ-followers in other Christian traditions?
  • How should the church face the issues surrounding homosexuality?
  • Can women lead the Sunday Christian assembly?
  • Can Christians be certain of their salvation?
  • What is the eternal destiny of those who have never heard the gospel?

A native of Hobbs, New Mexico, Ross Cochran has taught at Harding University for the past 28 years. A professor in the College of Bible, he has twice received the Distinguished Teacher Award. He holds a PhD in Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry from Boston College. Cochran has served churches in Limerick, Ireland, Memphis, Tennessee, Natick, Massachusetts, and Searcy, Arkansas. He and his wife and their three children live in Searcy, Arkansas.

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Pages: 204

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