• Nervous Breakthrough: Finding Freedom from Fear and Anxiety in a World That Feeds It

Nervous Breakthrough: Finding Freedom from Fear and Anxiety in a World That Feeds It

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Exhaustion and hurry aren’t a badge of honor.

Fear and anxiety rage in our world—a weight we carry, producing profound physical consequences. We hustle hard and strive more each day, our priorities mismatched with our Savior’s—struggling to surrender our lives to his will. We believe our superwoman tendencies are amazing when they are in fact alarming. What will it take to rock the boat enough to awaken our souls? A total nervous breakdown?

A diagnosis of severe panic and anxiety disorder answered that question for Christy Boulware. Her fast-paced, highly driven, mis-prioritized life finally caught up with her. Eventually she went from being superwoman to staring at guns on her bedroom floor. Through her journey to recovery, Christy learned how to overcome fear and anxiety in a world that feeds both emotions. Whether you’re on the verge of a breakdown, in the middle of one, or worried you’re headed toward one—this book will show you how a breakdown can lead to a breakthrough. We have wasted enough time living in fear; let’s start living in freedom!

Through this book, the reader will:

  • Lay down superwoman tendencies and discover how to fully surrender to a trustworthy God.

  • Stop anxiety before it starts by recognizing its smoke alarms.

  • Recognize ungodly thoughts and replace them before they snowball out of control.

  • Learn why the presence of fear does not mean your faith is weak.

  • Discover where science complements God’s Word to achieve a balanced approach for overcoming anxiety

Christy Boulware is first a passionate follower of Christ. She is also wife to a hunky man named Troy and mom of three beautiful children. With a deep desire to set women and teens free from the chains of fear and anxiety, Christy founded and leads the nonprofit organization Fearless Unite. Through conferences, workshops, Bible studies, and devotionals, Christy speaks and writes about decreasing the alarming statistics of anxiety in our world.

“Some have described anxiety as the common cold of mental illness. Today adults and young people are facing a pandemic of anxiety. With the courage of a super woman, Christy shares that she is a fellow struggler. Her candid storytelling about her debilitating anxiety and her awesome breakthrough is liberating for anyone who dares to read her book. Christy shares principles that allow the reader to leave behind the suffocating chains of anxiety.”

—Jackie Kendall, best-selling author of Lady in Waiting and President of Power to Grow, Inc.

Nervous Breakthrough is a must-read! Christy is honest, refreshing, and real. Though she shares her most vulnerable moments, Christy always points us back to Jesus. It’s evident she is passionate about helping people break free from crippling anxiety. Thankfully, in her book, she shares the necessary tools to move us from fear to freedom.”

—Lauren Gaines, psychologist, author, and creator of Inspired Motherhood

“In Nervous Breakthrough, Christy pulls the curtain back on fear, anxiety, depression, and panic, which are an epidemic in our culture. With beautiful honesty, authenticity, and sincerity, Christy shares her own painful journey. Doctors, yes. Therapy, yes. Medication, yes. Exercise, yes. Jesus, absolutely! If you are struggling, or someone you love is struggling, this is a must-read. Thank you, Christy, for your contribution to this complex subject.”

—Ron Cathcart, lead pastor, 2Rivers Church

“In Nervous Breakthrough, Christy Boulware has crafted a powerful book that can serve as an antidote to anxiety attacks. She expertly combines her own experience with practical and tested advice, and is careful to keep the reader centered on Scripture through the process. Her Ready Statements that close the book will serve as strong allies for many readers in the years to come.”

—Chris Morris, author and mental health advocate

ISBN 9781684262021

Pages 224

Dimensions (inches) 5.5 x 8.25

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