• Multiple Choice: Finding the Best Answer for Your Child's Education

Multiple Choice: Finding the Best Answer for Your Child's Education

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By Martha Singleton

Because no one answer is always right or always wrong for every child!

When it comes to educating their kids, parents need to know that between home school, private Christian school, or public school, there’s no one right answer.

As a practical guide in making that all-important decision, Multiple Choice helps parents assess each child’s learning style and their family’s goals for education. It objectively examines both the benefits and drawbacks of each form of schooling. Interviews with education professors, teachers, parents, and students who have participated in each venue combine to make this an engaging guide for parents as they make important choices for their child’s future.

An easy read, this book includes tips and ideas for things parents can do at home to increase the effectiveness of their child’s education, sources for further reading, and guiding questions. Multiple Choice empowers parents to make informed decisions and to be effectively engaged in their child’s learning and spiritual growth on a daily basis.

Martha Singleton is a parent, an experienced mentor to young families, and one of the country’s most respected high school journalism teachers. She earned numerous state and national awards during her 43 years in the classroom, including being named to Top Ten Teachers in Texas by the University of Texas, and Distinguished Adviser by The Wall Street Journal. She and her husband are co-authors of four previous books for Christian families and enjoy encouraging their adult children, both of whom are educators and active in ministry for their churches.


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Pages 160

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