• More Than One: An Introduction to World Religions

More Than One: An Introduction to World Religions

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Religion is at the very heart of most human societies.

It is hard to overstate religion’s role in organizing and inspiring human societies. Whether in the realm of politics, culture, social organization, or individual expression, religion’s impact is unmistakable, and often misunderstood.

More than One is a new text with beautiful photos throughout that encourage readers to experience the powerful diversity of the world’s religions. After surveying indigenous religious communities and ancient cultures, the book provides full treatment on the religions of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Daoism, Confucianism, Shintoism, and Zoroastrianism. Turning to the monotheistic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the book elucidates what has led to these religions’ vast and global rise across world civilizations. The concluding chapter delineates the emergence of new alternative religions, the rise of irreligion, and issues around secularization in the modern world.

Readers seeking to understand the cultural practices and key beliefs of other people will appreciate this balanced, informed, and richly illustrated text. Key vocabulary terms are highlighted to identify important concepts, places, and people.

Dyron Daughrity, professor of religion at Pepperdine University, has taught world religions for over two decades and is the author of many books and articles in the field of comparative religion. He researches and teaches in various fields such as Indian religions, global Christianity, and urban studies. He travels extensively to teach and to conduct ethnographic research in places such as India, Israel, China, Morocco, Ethiopia, and Brazil.

More than One stands out clearly from the quite large field of books intended for classes on World Religions. Dyron Daughrity is in his own right a distinguished scholar of religion and of religions worldwide. He is also a clear and persuasive writer who has given serious thought to making his text both usable and approachable. The result is a highly user-friendly text, which gains greatly from excellent illustrations.”

—Philip Jenkins, Distinguished Professor of History, Institute for Studies of Religion, Baylor University

“At a time when  people in various parts of the world have been witnessing violence, hatred, and bloodshed in the name of religion, Professor Dyron Daughrity gives the global citizens a new hope, optimism, and positivity. This enlightening book tenderly elucidates how people need to talk about religion in productive, compassionate, and constructive ways without offending religious sensibilities of those who profess, practice, and propagate different religious faiths.

While exploring the various aspects of indigenous religions, world religions, alternative religions, and irreligion, Daughrity demonstrates convincingly that the twenty-first century is known widely for its religious diversity where people would learn to share spaces, extend human rights to one another, do business with each other, intermarry, work together, and raise children who share their learning spaces with each other in an inclusive cultural/religious atmosphere.

By simplifying the complex and contentious interpretations of religion, Daughrity underlines the trajectories of world religions that continue to facilitate the overall growth and development of human beings. This book has more than 350 captivating pictures that help us understand the multiple dimensions and contemporary relevance of world religions. Most notably, Daughrity’s painstaking study transcends ideological binaries, cultural confines, and transnational precincts. I strongly recommend this refreshingly indispensable guide to all those who are interested in religion, inclusion, diversity, and identity.”

—Dr. M. Christhu Doss, Associate Professor at Christ University, Bangalore

“Dyron Daughrity is a historian and prolific author. His textbook for world religions is based on his experience in teaching the course for two decades and designed to support students in their study of the world’s religious traditions. Apart from Daughrity’s balanced approach, which his readers have learned to appreciate in his previous works, this book benefits from his encyclopedic knowledge of the subject. This text addresses different approaches to the study of religions and offers wide coverage of diverse religions. The content is presented in a captivating layout with rich illustrations and is enhanced by charts and dedicated sections for in-depth analysis. It will be an excellent choice for college courses.”

—Enrico Beltramini, Notre Dame de Namur University, California

“Dyron Daughrity is an expert guide to the study of world religions—comprehensive in his understanding of the material, clear in his organization, and compassionate in his depiction. In short, this book offers readers everything they need to understand what religion is, what the religions of the world believe and practice, how they relate to the culture around them, and what they share in common. Readers will especially find helpful the text boxes highlighting technical terms, the beautiful pictures illuminating the content, and the glossary explaining names and subjects. I highly recommend this excellent book!”

—Derek Cooper, Managing Director of Dodekagram and Thomas Institute, and author of Christianity and World Religions

More than One is an excellent introductory textbook for learning the creeds, codes, ceremonies, and community of religions worldwide. Historical and current illustrations, a clear structure, and definitions of terms depict diverse religious realities and make the book accessible for teaching and studying. The insightful research questions and thick descriptions create valuable understandings for why religions remain important and meaningful and how people of different worldviews can relate to one another in peace and friendship in today’s world.”

—Susangeline Patrick, PhD, Assistant Professor of World Christianity, Nazarene Theological Seminary, Kansas City, MO; faculty member, NAIITS, an Indigenous Learning Community

More than One covers an impressive range of the world’s religions. The presentation and superb illustrations really make the material come alive.”

—George D. Chryssides, York St John University, UK

“Scholar of world religions Dyron Daughrity has provided a great gift to those who wish to understand different faiths across the world. Covering the major religious traditions (including New Religious Movements), Daughrity lays out clearly how people of differing faith traditions think and act. The very attractive and easy-to-navigate formatting makes this an ideal textbook for undergraduate religion courses. The comprehensive and generous approach to global religions in this text rivals in scope and depth any other introductory religion textbook. As one who has taught undergraduate religion for nearly fifteen years, I can say that I will be adopting More than One as my new course text. Thank you for such an excellent resource!”

—Christopher Flanders, Abilene Christian University

“This book is the fruit of Dyron Daughrity’s lifetime of interaction and reflection, deep theological learning, and patient commitment to the study of religion as understood and practiced around the world. For him, the study of religion is not only an academic and relational issue, but also, perhaps more so, a spiritual exercise. He has the credentials and credibility to expound the issues in the study of religion with the integrity and honesty it calls for. Both believers and irreligious people will want to be fellow pilgrims with Daughrity on the wise and serene pathway he clears for us.”

—Jesudas M. Athyal, Acquiring Editor, World Christianity, World Religions, South Asian and Indian Scholarship, Fortress Press

More than One is a feast for the eyes and a challenge to the soul, portraying the world’s great faiths in all their color, diversity, and sacred energy. Each lavishly illustrated chapter portrays a religious tradition’s origins, development, distinctive beliefs and practices, variations, and internal controversies in a succinct and very readable package. One especially valuable feature of this book is its focus on how religious faiths interact and draw on each other, both in the past and even more so in the present. Dyron Daughrity is probably the most widely traveled and experienced teacher of religion in America today, and this text is a rich harvest of what he has learned.”

—Joel Carpenter, Nagel Institute for the Study of World Christianity, Calvin University

“Armed with excellent writing, an extensive glossary, and a richly diverse portfolio of illustrations, More than One is a masterly example of the need to study religion (and irreligion) in its many forms. Daughrity has written an exceptional introduction to the study of religion that will engage students from start to finish.”

—Nathanael Homewood, lecturer of religion, Rice University; editor of Modern and Global Christianity in the Religious Studies Review

“Rich in detail and accompanied by stunning photographs, More than One succeeds admirably as an introduction to the study of world religions. Dyron Daughrity’s writing is accessible without being reductionist, introducing complex ideas lucidly and readably. The book succeeds in doing justice to an impressive range of religious traditions while also ushering students into the major theories and methods of the religious studies discipline.”

—Tom Whittaker, Assistant Professor of History, LeTourneau University

“Dyron Daughrity’s More than One is a wonderfully engaging and accessible wide-angle portrait of the teachings and practices of the world’s major religious traditions. Colorful pictures and a relevant glossary on each page make the volume readable and informative for students. As Daughrity treats each religious tradition throughout the scope of its history and geographical spread, the book is sure to interest scholars and teachers of world religions at undergraduate and graduate levels.”

—Jose Abraham, Associate Professor of Islamic Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

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