• Lovin’ with Grit & Grace: Straight-Talk about Romance, Sex, Fun, and the Tough Stuff Too

Lovin’ with Grit & Grace: Straight-Talk about Romance, Sex, Fun, and the Tough Stuff Too

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Jess and Ryan blended their families after losing their spouses to cancer in 2010. In Lovin’ with Grit and Grace, they offer a his-and-hers perspective on this unexpected marital journey with their eight children, seven of whom have lost a parent, including their eighteen-year-old son Lucas who is profoundly disabled. They address many tough topics, like grief, addictions, and intimacy, with a vulnerable honesty that is a breath of fresh air in an age when most would rather avoid these difficult issues, with the topics following the acronym HIS/HERS:

  • Health
  • Intimacy
  • Sex
  • Household tasks
  • Excitement
  • Romance
  • Spirituality

 Many of their personal stories offer a lesson learned, a tried-and-true recipe that applies to the situation, and questions or takeaways for the reader to consider; but above all else, they explain why a love like theirs is worth celebrating and fighting for.


Also available by Jessica Ronne:

Jessica Ronne is an author, speaker, podcast host of Coffee with Caregivers, associate producer of the “UNSEEN” documentary, and caregiver advocate. She is founder and executive director of The Lucas Project, a non-profit dedicated to serving parent caregivers with recognition, respite, and resources.

Jess and her husband Ryan live in Michigan with their eight children, including their son Lucas who has profound disabilities. Her story of beauty from ashes is detailed in her memoir, Sunlight Burning at Midnight. To follow the ongoing saga, she can be found at jessplusthemess.com or through reading her stories in her most recent books, Blended with Grit & Grace and Lovin’ with Grit and Grace.

“Jess Ronne is one of the most inspiring human beings on planet earth, and her story will forever change your perspective in positive and practical ways. This book isn’t just an incredible marriage resource; it’s an irresistible invitation to embrace all aspects of life with more grit and grace.”

—Dave Willis, coauthor of The Naked Marriage and cohost of The Naked Marriage podcast

“Once again, author Jess Ronne pierces readers’ hearts and provides practical insights! In Lovin’ with Grit and Grace, Ronne poignantly writes about her personal experience with remarriage after loss and shares biblical wisdom along with practical tips that leave readers with a roadmap to keep your marriage strong through life’s unexpected storms. Ronne even throws in some delicious recipes for good measure, and her husband, Ryan, provides insightful additions as well. Married people at any stage of their relationship will benefit greatly from this book.”

—Ashley Willis, author of Peace Pirates

“This book has the perfect title. With entertaining story telling from her own marriage, Jessica shows the hard work of marriage takes grit but then points the reader toward the grace it takes for a marriage to thrive. I loved how Jessica can write a chapter about diapers and drudgery and take the reader straight to the cross.”

—April Graney, author of The Marvelous Mud House

“What a wonderful addition to the Grit and Grace series! Not only did I find value in the content and thought provoking questions sprinkled throughout the book, but I greatly appreciate the honest perspectives of both Jess and her husband Ryan when tackling the challenging topics that can greatly impact a marriage. Jess has a gift for writing and storytelling that is relatable—I was feeling the humor, frustration, and love with every word.”

—Laurie Hellmann, author of Welcome to My Life: A Personal Parenting Journey through Autism, and host of Living the Sky Life podcast

“In Lovin’ with Grit and Grace, Jess boldly and beautifully talks about the tough, fun, and delicate stuff that makes the journey of marriage adventurous. She invites us into her world while reminding us of how intimately wonderful marriage truly is and that with God’s grace, we can experience it in a new and fresh way.”

—Rachel G. Scott, writer, speaker, Host of Taking the Leap Podcast

“I felt so seen in the first few pages, tears started falling. So much of this book accurately described the life my husband and I had been living for fifteen years after severe trauma shattered our lives and left us clinging to one another in an ocean of despair, loneliness, and struggle; all the while wondering if God had abandoned us. If you’ve ever felt the same, this book will show you spiritual, emotional, and practical steps to learn how to rise above the waves together and find peace, healing, and joy in God and one another . . . no matter what circumstances you are facing.”

—Lindsey Hartz, author and speaker, and CEO and Lead Marketing Strategist, Hartz Agency / Ignite Faith Media

“Finally, a marriage book that meets most people where they live. Jess and Ryan Ronne live in the trenches where most couples also do, struggling to do the right things in a life that’s messy with kids, careers, and all the obstacles to marriage.”

—Brenda L. Yoder, LMHC, licensed mental health counselor, educator, and author of Fledge: Launching Your Kids without Losing Your Mind

“Jess and Ryan openly share about how having a healthy marriage takes grit and a lot of grace to work together through the daily struggles, demands of special needs, a large family, and secrets from their past. It is incredibly encouraging to see them offer hope and practical ways to impact the health and rhythms of your marriage!”

—Misty Phillip, Founder of Spark Media, award-winning author, host of By His Grace podcast, and cohost of Spark Influence

“Marriage can be wonderful and hard at the same time. Jess Ronne’s new book, Lovin’ with Grit and Grace, is filled with deeply personal and relatable stories of the mistakes, love, and heartache of marriage. She tackles the love and sacrifice necessary to a successful relationship with the added stress of blending two families. Let her words invite you into her journey. You’ll appreciate her wise and biblical counsel knowing she’s been where you are and understands what you’re going through.”

—Kate Battistelli, author of The God Dare and Growing Great Kids

“Jessica Ronne points your marriage toward connection and deeper intimacy with your spouse in Lovin’ with Grit and Grace. She addresses the real issues and questions that spouses face with genuine care, humor, and biblical insight. You will be encouraged with every chapter and will find yourself reflecting on every part of your marriage through the lens Jessica so practically and generously shares with us. If you want to grow in your marriage, this book is for you!”

—Vanessa Martindale, Founder of Blended Kingdom Families, author of Blended & Redeemed

“This book you’re holding is a priceless, years-in-the-making gem by Jessica Ronne. The truths within didn’t magically emerge from her family life; they were developed over time, intensified by raw and extremely harsh circumstances. The making of a pearl is like the making of a unique, beautiful family. Not one is the same in shape, size, color, or experience. The process includes great aggravation, endurance, yet over time, the grain softens and is shaped into something to be treasured. You will not find another work as authentic and unique; providing wisdom as God shapes your family life into something beautiful.”

—Colleen Swindoll-Thompson, Founder of Reframing Ministries, Insight for Living

Just keep livin’. Jessica Ronne’s signature send-off perhaps rings more clearly in this book than any of the wisdom and insight she has shared about the journey of a caregiver when there is no end to the road of caregiving. Lovin’ with Grit and Grace is an invitation to vulnerability, honesty, and hope for couples who long for a marriage that is more than wedding rings and well-rehearsed vows. She holds nothing back in this intimate look at everything from sleep and secrets to sex and solitude. The book’s conversational style is both practical and hopeful, and Jess and her husband Ryan are unafraid to address topics like the importance of long-road faith and the pain of abuse and pornography. And Jess invites us to the table with recipes that have sustained her family, her marriage, and her own soul for years. Lovin’ with Grit and Grace should be required reading for all couples longing to ‘just keep livin’’ a real and abiding relationship.”

—Ronne Rock, author of One Woman Can Change the World

“‘Marriage is hard,’ said everyone who’s been married longer than ten minutes. Jess and Ryan show us how to endure through the hard parts while intentionally finding joy in the everyday moments. With endearing stories woven into a memorable acronym (HISHERS), this book will show you God’s heart for today’s marriage.”

—Amy Lively, author of How to Love Your Neighbor Without Being Weird and Hope Fully

“Jess Ronne and her hubby deliver a fantastic book to help us all keep our marriages spicy, fun, and devoted to one another. Lovin’ with Grit and Grace—written in Ronne’s signature style of real, witty, and practical—is a must-read. I came away encouraged and ready to implement her tips in my own relationship. I devoured this book. Reading it was like being on a double-date full of heart to hearts, good wine, and outbursts of giggling.”

—Sarah Philpott, author of The Growing Season: A Year of Down on the Farm Devotions and Loved Baby: 31 Devotions Helping You Grieve and Cherish Your Baby after Pregnancy Loss

ISBN 9781684260928

Pages 208

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