• Loves God, Likes Girls: A Memoir

Loves God, Likes Girls: A Memoir

$ 14.99

by Sally Gary

For many Christians who experience same-sex attraction, reconciling faith and homosexuality is a lonely and painful journey. Loves God, Likes Girls: A Memoir is one woman's recollection of her journey, allowing faith to plunge her into deeper discovery of the truth about her sexuality.

No other issue has been more divisive in families and in faith communities than homosexuality. Rather than providing "cookie-cutter" answers as to why someone experiences same-sex attraction and how to "make it go away," Loves God, Likes Girls simply explores one woman's perspective on the multitude of experiences over a lifetime that impact the development of sexuality.

Sally Gary's story offers hope and redemption for families torn apart by this issue. Through stories, Sally shares some of the painful and confusing lies she grew up believing about herself that shaped her views of femininity and her ability to form healthy relationships with both men and women. The book emphasizes that those who experience same-sex attraction need safe places to explore questions, to find community, and to grow deeper in relationship with God.

Sally Gary holds degrees in communication from Abilene Christian University and a law degree from Texas Tech University. A former high school debate coach, trial lawyer, and college professor, Sally is a teacher at heart. Her deepest, darkest secret has become her greatest passion—educating people about same-sex attraction. She is the founder and director of CenterPeace, a non-profit ministry providing safe places for conversation about same-sex attraction in families and churches.

ISBN: 9780891123590

Pages: 240

Dimensions (inches): 8.25 x 5.5

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